Class of 2020 takes the torch

The 2019-20 Editorial Board. (l to r) Ryan LaRocca ’20, Tyler Zimmer ’21, Toby Ma ’20, Daniel Chow ’20, Yan Graf ’20. Missing Matthew Schwartz ’21 – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

2018–2019. A school year besmirched by racial tension and disciplinary incidents, which unfortunately highlighted ineffective student leadership. Through some of Haverford’s most sensitive times since the so-called “Main-Line Takeover,” leadership did not prevail. And despite some efforts by the Class of 2019, these problems were not sufficiently addressed.

     The 2019–2020 school year presents this year’s student body with an opportunity — to redeem. Long said to be “one big group of friends,” the Class of 2020 enters the school year as this year’s agents of change. And ready they are.

     With all eyes in their direction, the Class of 2020 must set an inclusive tone for the younger Fords. Mistakes and incidents are inevitable — but it is how a community deals with these challenges that allows it to heal, and to grow. Rather than turning a blind eye, addressing issues head-on is the only way to produce this kind of growth.

The Class of 2020’s job is to promote acceptance and encourage camaraderie.

     Effective leadership can surely limit the number of setbacks our community faces. Serving as supportive beacons for the rest of the community, the Class of 2020’s job is to promote acceptance and encourage camaraderie.

     Haverford is a community of brothers. We must love each other for who we are, and learn to respect one another’s differences. The Class of 2020 must work to produce this camaraderie, as it will surely trickle to the younger members of the community.

     With Vincent Scuazzo as our captain, accompanied by one of the most responsible classes of Sixth Formers in recent history, we will undoubtedly progress.

     This community of acceptance is not only possible.

     It’s our goal.