Community camaraderie

The 2019-20 Editorial Board. l-to-r Ryan LaRocca ’20, Tyler-Zimmer ’21, Toby Ma ’20, Daniel Chow ’20, Yan Graf ’20. Missing Matthew Schwartz ’21 -Index Staff

A month into school, Haverford is the most unified it has been in recent years. As you traverse the halls, you can feel the camaraderie, the community, the brotherhood. In every form, and as a community, this feeling exists, and under this year’s senior leadership, you can be sure that it will continue.

     Form competitions—a splendid idea by President Scuazzo. Promoting friendly competition between the Forms, there now exists a time during each student’s day where they can take a step back. A step back from the gravity of a single school week. For a short forty-minute community block, the stress, anxiety, and the weight of life dissipates. Upon their return from this escape, rejuvenated students continue with their everyday lives. The Haverford community grows closer together.

     The tailgates have returned. On September’s warm Saturday mornings in the Red Lot, 30+ Haverford boys eat an American feast before they head over to Sabol Field to support their boys. Win or lose, both the football team and the Haverford community becomes stronger each Saturday. Together we succeed, and together we also fail.

It is our responsibility—our duty—to continue to improve this community of brothers.

     And lastly, everything else — it would be foolish to say that form competitions and tailgates are the only ways that Haverford has fostered a stronger camaraderie and community so far this year. Whether it is helping a peer with a homework assignment, or simply being a friend to whomever needs it, there are also many unseen examples of camaraderie in the community.

    We extol the tone we have set through the first month of school. It is our responsibility—our duty—to continue to improve this community of brothers.