Water polo sweeps state’s best at North Penn

Water polo Fords in a 12-5 win over EA on EA Day, November 10, 2018 – Sebastian Bilash ’20

Coming off a strong 2018 campaign (26-4 record), and with the 2019 water polo season underway, the coaching staff realized that the team had the potential to compete against much tougher competition. The team entered into a tournament at North Penn High School on September 21. There, the team faced North Penn, Wilson High School, and Cumberland Valley High School. The squad went 3-0 on the day, beating Pennsylvania’s 2018 State Champion and runner-up.

     Although this is an impressive milestone, displaying the team’s dominance in the state, the team had not played North Penn or Cumberland Valley in years, so the coaches and players came into the game not knowing much about the teams they would face.

     Fifth Former Jack Deppen said, “Beating some of the best teams in the state definitely boosts team morale because we have made it known how great we are.”

     Each team’s playstyle is unique. Some teams run their offense entirely through one player, some teams distribute the ball between the seven immobile field players, and others move tirelessly throughout the game. The Fords literally had no idea what kind of players, offensive playstyle, or defensive playstyle their opponents would have. Still, they were able to capitalize on the opportunity to claim the title of the best team in Pennsylvania. 

     Sixth Form captain David Gobora said, “We always knew we were a good team, but after beating the top three teams in the state we truly realized our potential and how special this team really is. After playing like that, I do not think anything is stopping us. We have our eyes on November as we look to win Easterns and EA Day.”

“We are all there as a team and push each other to get better.”

Bobby Blewett ’20

     The team will continue to grind in the pool, preparing for the rest of the season. The boys have spent their Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the pool, trying to get better. Although they may wish they were sleeping, players push themselves to make this season one to remember. 

Matej Sekulic ’20 in a 12-5 win over EA, EA Day, November 10, 2018 – Sebastian Bilash ’20

     Sixth Former Bobby Blewett loves the energy at morning practices. 

     “Obviously we are all tired during morning practices and wish we were still in bed. Despite that, we are all there as a team and push each other to get better,” Blewitt said.

     Throughout October, the Fords will compete in mostly Inter-Ac games, where they look to repeat last year’s 8-0 league record.

Author: Jake LaRocca '22

Sports editor Jake LaRocca has written for The Index since 2018. His articles "Water Polo led by junior Olympians" earned a Silver Key from the 2020 Philadelphia-Area Scholastic Writing competition.