Games and grub: advisory life, Tuesdays at 9:50

The Stambaugh advisory wins the bocce duel, April 30, 2019. Mr. Keefe’s group won the trophy back on October 8, 2019. – photo by Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

Students choose their advisories for the remainder of high school after only a taste of the four-course meal of upper school life. Months into their high school experience, Third Formers indicate whom they want to lean on for the next three years—a daunting question.

     Third Form advisors like Mr. Andy Franz give students their first glimpse into advisory life. “It will always be their first upper school family,” Mr. Franz said.

     Fifth Form student Jonny Flieder chose his advisor, Ms. Smith-Kan. “She was someone that I felt comfortable talking to. She made it clear that she had my back.”

     Fourth Form student Will Ferris asked for language teacher Mr. Javier Lluch. “He was a cool guy that I wanted to be around. He was my former Latin teacher.”

     Members of an advisory, whether they like it or not, spend Tuesday community blocks together. Each advisory has its own tradition, some long-lasting and meaningful and some spontaneous.

     Most importantly, advisories are known for their competitive nature and love for food.

     The Franz advisory competes in Third Form competitions such as “dodgeball, smashball, cornhole, trivial pursuit, Uno, and many others. I know the boys really look forward to these events,” Mr. Franz said.

     First-year advisor Mr. Matt Ator looks to “build what I hope will turn into traditions in the future.”

     For now, his advisory time has been highlighted by kickball games and donuts. He and Mr. Sataloff compete in competitions to “get everyone more involved in the community.”

     “You get points for winning events like kickball, but you also get points for going to sporting events, choral concerts, plays, and so on,” Mr. Sataloff said. “So far, we suffered an embarrassing loss in kickball, but I have confidence that we’ll rebound in our next contest.”

     The loser of these team-building competitions must buy pizza for the opposing side.

     These two are not the only competing advisories. Mr. Keefe and Mr. Stambaugh have a long-standing, decade-long tradition of competitive bocce.  

     Fifth Form Keefe advisee Drew Loughnane said, “We compete twice a year. Once in the fall, once in the spring. The winner takes home a highly valuable silver cup and bragging rights for about half a year. We usually win.”  

     Mr. Keefe described the prize as a “cup of greatness.”

     While competition can be an exciting break to a stressful Tuesday morning, advisories cannot go wrong with a pre-lunch feast. Some keep it simple.  

     “It’s been a lot of donuts for us,” Mr. Ator said.  

     “Eight times out of ten its Dunkin,” agreed Fifth Form Mr. Walters advisee Nolan Cooleen.   

“For us, it’s breakfast sandwiches. Everyone loves breakfast sandwiches.”

Ben Hokenson ’20

     “For us, it’s breakfast sandwiches. Everyone loves breakfast sandwiches,” Sixth Form Mr. Hightower advisee Ben Hokenson said.

     Others are elaborate. The Stambaugh advisory celebrates the “Cheeses of the World” festival every fall, tasting an assortment of gourmet cheeses alongside Martinelli’s sparkling cider and fresh grapes to cleanse the palette.

     Advisories highlight the uniqueness and fun side of the Haverford community. Next Tuesday, when your advisory is wondering how to spend those precious minutes, think creatively.

     Spark a competition. Ignite a friendly rivalry. Indulge yourself with a feast. Make the most of your advisory time. And enjoy yourself.

Author: Tyler Zimmer '21

Editor-in-Chief Tyler Zimmer '21 has written for each section of The Index since 2018. He previously served as Managing Editor and Arts Editor. In addition to journalism, Tyler plays baseball and golf, and he is often found working in the art studio.