Pockets of resistance to new General Issue gear

Yan Graf ’20

Every year the controversy of the new “General Issue” rips through the Haverford community, causing fierce divisions. Rifts open up in the student body, as those who support or oppose the changes to the General Issue air their opinions in contentious debates. This year appears to be no different.

     In fact, this year the General Issue discussion may be more intense than ever. The inclusion of a crewneck sweatshirt has elicited especially vociferous debate. For the first time in five years, the sweatshirts came with no hoods, but are still incompatible with the dress code. Some students are strongly in support of the new sweatshirts. Sixth Former Toby Ma says, “The new crewneck sweatshirts are more stylish. I like them.”

     The opposition to this design choice is just as strong.

“I definitely prefer hoodies, especially for the pockets.”

Matthew Schwartz ’21

     Fifth Former Matthew Schwartz disagrees, saying, “I definitely prefer hoodies, especially for the pockets,” Fifth Former Matthew Schwartz says. “However, I would be fine with the new sweatshirts if they could be worn in school.”

     Personally, I think that the crewnecks are the classier, better choice. Hoodies sometimes look a tad too casual, and the crewnecks are a bit more comfortable than the hoodies.

 Another major issue for students is the lack of a long-sleeve shirt. Many, like Daniel Chow, find the lack of this article to be of concern. “The long-sleeve is especially necessary because of how versatile it is, because you can roll it up in the heat and can let it down in the cold.”

     Sixth Former Ryan LaRocca doesn’t seem to mind, saying, “I never really wore it, so I really don’t mind not having the long-sleeve shirt.”

     Fifth Former Tyler Zimmer voiced concern with this year’s short-sleeve shirt as well, saying, “the maroon color looks gross.”

     Still a major issue with the General Issue gear is the lack of pockets on the shorts. This problem has recurred for many years, and a considerable majority of the student body is strongly in support of pockets, despite the administration’s refusal to oblige.

     Ma adds that pockets “are crucial to accessibility. When I’m wearing them, it’s very convenient to have pockets to put your phone or keys into.”

Pockets truly are a necessity in this day and age.

     I must agree. Pockets truly are a necessity in this day and age and the fact that pockets are absent is quite the scandal.

     With all these complaints, it is important to stay grateful that the school provides us with clothes. Often, this generosity is underappreciated. However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. Whatever your opinion on the General Issue gear, it seems that it will be a long time before we reach common ground.

Author: Yan Graf '20

Co-Editor-in-Chief Yan Graf has written for The Index for the past four years. He has previously served as Managing Editor. His piece “Tensions flare in condiment smackdowns” earned a Silver Key from the 2020 Philadelphia-area Scholastic Writing competition. In 2019, he earned a national Scholastic Gold Key for his piece on North African immigration to Europe.