Spread Bagelry needs to toast a little longer

A glimpse inside Bryn Mawr’s Spread Bagelry – Sebastian Bilash ’20

La Colombe is arguably the best coffee shop on the Main Line, and therefore a hotspot for Haverford School students. If one were to walk through Wilson Hall in the morning, one would surely see many students with the signature La Colombe coffee cans. Now, why might I start my review of a bagel shop talking about La Colombe? 

     Spread Bagelry just opened up only a few steps from La Colombe. This is the brand’s second location, with the first being in Center City Philadelphia. I was very excited to hear about this new location. Not only had I been to the one in Philadelphia before, but I was also excited to have a food place so close to my favorite coffee shop. 

The aesthetic is amazing, with nice places to sit and an interesting atmosphere.

     So what is the place actually like? Well first off, the aesthetic is amazing, with nice places to sit and an interesting atmosphere. When I first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of staff working there, as a lack of staffing is one of the major problems for new breakfast places. I assumed that due to the number of workers, I would receive my food quickly, but I was incorrect. I ordered a simple sausage, egg, and cheese on a bagel and had to wait around ten minutes for it to come out. I forgive them because the shop had just opened last week, and they were probably still figuring everything out.

Spread Bagelry’s menu – Sebastian Bilash ’20

     I would be writing a much different review if the sandwich I ordered was amazing, but it wasn’t. The fresh, made-in-shop bagel was the best part by far. The sausage patty was too small for the bagel, and the eggs weren’t cooked enough. It wasn’t bad, just not great when you consider the many other better options in the area: Ardmore Station Café and even Dunkin Donuts, for example. 

     Another mild gripe I have with this store is that they sell La Colombe draft lattes. That is not a bad thing by itself, but they are somehow more expensive at Spread than they are at La Colombe (again, only 30 seconds away). I guess you pay extra for the convenience of not having to go to a different store, but it put me off. I could easily go to La Colombe and get my drink while waiting ten minutes for my sandwich. 

     Overall, Spread Bagelry is not bad. Because of the convenience, I will most likely go there again. I would just recommend that you wait a few weeks before going to let them sort things out.