Maddaloni switches clubs to take on EA

Jake Maddaloni ’21 (second from right) taking a break from the EA match last year – Mr. Jim Roese

As the end of the fall sports season approaches, Fifth Form golfer Jake Maddaloni prepares for his big match on November 9. The team needs an exceptional performance out of Maddaloni to ensure a win against EA.

     Despite the pressure, Maddaloni is calm and ready for the big day.

     “I’m not nervous,” Maddaloni said. “It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. I’m excited. It should be a close match.”

     Maddaloni is calm because he has been around the game for such a long time. His experience in big matches gives him an advantage over other golfers.

     “I have been playing golf since I was six years old. My dad showed me the game when I was young. When I turned 12, I started to play in some local tournaments in the Philly area,” Maddaloni said.

     Looking back on his season, Maddaloni was satisfied with a couple of matches but displeased with others. He ultimately regrets the choice to switch his clubs midseason. He believes that is the reason he played poorly in the last couple of matches.

     Maddaloni said, “I played well in the first two matches. After the first two matches, I switched up my clubs, and I did not do well in my last four matches. Luckily, I switched back for states and finished strong.”

     Maddaloni placed second at states, following behind a member of The Hill School’s team.

 “I’m working on the short game because the cold will cause the greens to be firmer.”

Jake Maddaloni ’21

     As EA Day approaches, Maddaloni is preparing for one vital part of the game. Due to low temperature, the greens will be different than what he is used to.

     “I’m working on the short game because the cold will cause the greens to be firmer,” Maddaloni said.

     The EA Day Match will be held at Aronimink Golf and Country Club in Newtown Square. Maddaloni is familiar with the course.

     “I play golf there over the summer,” Maddaloni said. “AGC has helped make me a better golfer.”

Author: Jake LaRocca '22

Sports editor Jake LaRocca has written for The Index since 2018. His articles "Water Polo led by junior Olympians" earned a Silver Key from the 2020 Philadelphia-Area Scholastic Writing competition.