School and nation burst with news

2019-20 Editorial Board – seated, l to r, Editors-in-Chief Toby Ma ’20, Ryan LaRocca ’20, and Yan Graf ’20 – standing l to r, Managing Editors Daniel Chow ’20, Tyler Zimmer ’21, and Matthew Schwartz ’21 – missing Design Editor Obaida Elamin

After two months, The Index is back, and a lot has happened since the release of our last issue. Disney aired the final movie of its new Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker; the House of Representatives impeached President Trump; another joyful holiday ensued; and the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global health emergency. And just last week, local hero, basketball icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna tragically passed away in a helicopter crash.

     In such a short period packed with significant national news, it is no surprise that the time between December 2019-January 2020 felt like an entire year in itself. In our own community, we witnessed a dreadful day of exam returns on the first day back from break. We also saw the annual teacher test-cramming period that always takes place during the third week of January. Sports are ramping up, major extra-curricular activities such as Model UN, Mock Trial, Robotics are participating in some of their most important competitions, and we have entered the semester often considered more challenging and demanding by students and teachers alike. And consequently, The Index is not short on news of its own. Of the national and Haverford news mentioned, our writers cover many of those topics.

     But, after all, we are half-way there, Fords. As you read this issue, rejoice, for there exists only five months until summer break. Or rejoice, because five months of learning, challenges, and both growth as a student and a man awaits you. To the younger Fords, if you struggled in the first semester, the world is not going to end. Adjust your study-habits if necessary, and strive to improve yourself as both a student and a peer. To the valiant Fifth Form class, you have successfully embarked on the journey that is the life of a third-year upper school student. Whether it is your biology lab or your history test for Ms. Turlish’s class, your success depends upon your willingness to go the extra mile, to drink that additional cup of coffee, to stay up the extra hour.

The Index staff knows not what the student body will accomplish. But we know what you can, and know what we hope, you will accomplish.

     Sixth Formers, in five month for the final time, you are dismissed. And to college and into the real world you will go. Appreciate the time you have left here, find more time to spend with friends, and enjoy yourselves. Immerse yourselves in the electives that you have chosen that truly pique your curiosity. And, as President Scauzzo constantly vocalizes, continue setting a good example for younger Fords, and be great.     

For the remainder of the school year, The Index staff knows not what the student body will accomplish. But we know what you can, and know what we hope, you will accomplish.