Obaida Elamin juggles school and work

Obaida Elamin ’20 in The Big Room – photo by Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

For many, the weekend is a time to relax and enjoy a break from work, but Sixth Former Obaida Elamin’s Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for making money.

     While he has held a few jobs in the past, Elamin’s main focus now is working for Philadelphia’s new food delivery app Relay. Applying was one of the easiest aspects of his work so far.

     “For this job, I just threw an application out there. It was on Indeed, and looked nice, so I punched all the information necessary but never finished the form. Nothing happened for a while, but someone from the company called and asked if I still wanted the job. I said yes, and they helped along the process. It was really easy to finish up and apply,” Elamin said.

     After the process, Elamin began working soon after.

     “I started around three weeks ago during the four-day weekend,” Elamin said. “I deliver food in Center City, and when I’m doing so, I’m out biking with a big neon green backpack.”

     “It’s really interesting and I actually enjoy it a lot. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Center City, so I enjoy going around to the different neighborhoods,” Elamin said.

     Elamin’s job, while rewarding, forces him to strike a balance between his school, work, and personal life.

     “My weekends have been pretty busy the past few weeks. But because the job is so flexible, I can decide not to go to work if I really need the time,” Elamin said.

     “Saturday I get up at around 9 o’clock and leave my house at around 9:30,” Elamin said. “After work I have soccer practice from 6-11, and I’m pretty beat up after.”

 “I think it’s really valuable for anyone, especially a highschooler, to get experience working. It’s the most real-life thing you can do.”

Obaida Elamin ’20

     With this strenuous weekend schedule, Elamin finds his motivation in future plans.

     “Right now, I don’t know where I’m going to school yet, and there are a lot of things hanging on that. Having spare change for a rainy day or whatever happens, like if I end up in a school that was not one of my top choices or have to pay for college, is a big reason why,” Elamin said. “I just want to be ready for anything that might happen.”

     Still, Elamin firmly believes working a job can benefit everyone.

     “I think it’s really valuable for anyone, especially a highschooler, to get experience working,” Elamin said. “It’s the most real-life thing you can do.”