A quarantine online streaming watchlist

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COVID-19 and the quarantine have affected each of us personally. It is important to take your mind off of the events going on around you, whether it is through a book, podcast, movie, or TV show. Evidently, according to the New York Times, many of us have been doing just that, as Netflix and YouTube have both seen over a 15% increase in website traffic. The Index recommends the following titles:


The Platform (95 minutes on Netflix)

Most likely receiving more attention with everyone stuck at home, The Platform is about a mysterious prison where pairs of cellmates are organized on individual levels and only given the leftovers of the inmates above them. Although it is a Spanish film with English subtitles, the movie still successfully conveys its message through the language barrier.

The Way Back (108 minutes on VOD)

Released just as theaters across America were forced to close due to COVID-19, The Way Back is more than just a regular basketball movie; it’s also a human story that mirrors the real-life of the film’s star, Ben Affleck, and his personal struggle with alcoholism and divorce. The Way Back is an enjoyable yet intense film that focuses on authentic adult issues under the guise of a sports movie.


Big Time Adolescence (91 minutes on Hulu)

Released online a week early due to the quarantine, Big Time Adolescence is a movie starring Griffin Gluck and Pete Davidson. One of the more realistic looks into high school life, the film is similar to other comedies like Booksmart and Superbad, as it never gets too ambitious in the scope of the story and serves as a fun ride that is easy to consume.

Onward (103 minutes on Disney+)

A surprise addition to streaming, Onward only recently came out in theaters as one of two Pixar releases this year. With an all-star cast featuring Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the story revolves around two elf brothers on a quest to bring their dad back to life for one day, but discover more about their relationship along the way.

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Parasite (133 minutes on Hulu)

If you still haven’t been able to sit down and watch this year’s Best Picture winner, now is as good a time as any. In fact, all of director Bong Joon-Ho’s films have been put on Hulu and should be given a look by anyone who enjoys quality, thoughtful film.

Any Series You Want

Quarantine is going to last a long time, and in reality, you could watch all of these films and still have plenty of time left over. Take this unique experience and watch anything and everything you think might be interesting to prevent yourself from going crazy. Those longer series such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones now have their time to shine, and they can even serve as a way to spend time with family.

Author: Matthew Schwartz '21

Editor-in-Chief Matthew Schwartz has written for The Index for three years. He previously served as Managing Editor and News Editor.