Charlie Baker’s amazing art apprenticeship

Charlie Baker ’20 in conversation with Carson De Marco ’20 (inset) – screenshot by Carson De Marco ’20

While many of the original senior projects for the Sixth Formers were canceled as a result of COVID-19, Sixth Former Charlie Baker will go about completing his original senior project plan: an art internship.

     For the three weeks dedicated to complete the project, Baker will intern with local artist TR Risk, who creates furniture and paints abstract florals and landscapes.

     In the upcoming weeks, Baker will collaborate with Mr. Risk on his projects, while also receiving feedback from him on his own pursuits.

     “I think it’ll be half of me at my own house doing my own projects, and I’ll get his input on different things,” Baker said. “The other half I’ll be with him working on his projects. I think he has a couple of cabinets he needs to do, along with furniture in houses.”

     Leading up to his internship, Baker has let his creative juices flow, especially with the amount of time he spends in his house because of the quarantine.

     Using sponges, cardboard, and paint, Baker has created a 3D stormtrooper helmet, an umbrella, and playing cards. Currently, Baker is working on a more painstaking task: a table.

     Baker has finished the top of the table and continues to add designs. The table has an “H” at the center, a black anchor, the number 24 in purple with a halo and angel wings in honor of the late Kobe Bryant, a Philadelphia Eagles logo, the infamous “Ashley Jones” name on a corner, the Qdoba logo, the 76ers logo in the form of the Liberty Bell, and several college mascots and logos.

     “I don’t think [art] will be my major,” he said, “but it will definitely be a big part of my time at school.”

     Baker’s artistic liking for 3D objects stems from his compassionate nature.

     “I always liked making things. Something that I can hold and use and can benefit me and others in some way,” Baker said. “I always liked making gifts and other things that I could use in my daily life.”

     Throughout his high school career, Baker has taken several art courses that have allowed him to pursue his creativity in designing 3D objects.

     “I took Art Foundations freshman year. I liked 3D art, so I went with 3D Art and Design my sophomore year, Portfolio I Honors junior year, and then Portfolio II Honors senior year,” Baker said.

     When Baker graduates, he seeks to continue his passion in college.

     “I don’t think [art] will be my major,” he said, “but it will definitely be a big part of my time at school.”

Author: Carson De Marco '20

Carson De Marco '20 is a member of the journalism seminar. Recently, he won a Silver Key from the Philadelphia-area Scholastic Art & Writing Competition for his piece, "Wrongful Convictions; A Country’s Stain." Carson is a member of the soccer and lacrosse teams and a member of the Signet Society.