The Workroom online: Coach Rosko takes initiative with online training

The Haverford Weightlifting logo which is displayed at the beginning of Coach Rosko’s videos

By 3:15 p.m. on what would be a normal school day, the student-athletes not in a season rush over to the fieldhouse, change into their athletic clothes, grab their cleats and sweatshirts, and head over to the weight room, also known as the “workroom.” Strength and Conditioning Coach Mr. Matthew Rosko leads the rigorous workouts strengthening different parts of the body each day, whether it be conditioning one day then shoulder and upper-body exercises the next. These workouts came to an abrupt halt after the COVID-19 crisis emerged, forbidding students to workout with him.

     Like the teachers, Coach Rosko went virtual. 

     Several days throughout the week, Coach Rosko sends two-to-three minute videos with a variety of exercises to help strengthen different parts of the body. Additionally, he includes audio as he demonstrates the exercises to verbalize the importance and how to complete them correctly.

Coach Rosko demonstrates an exercise in his most recent video

     Alongside the videos, Coach Rosko sends a form that corresponds to each video, where the students can document the number of reps they complete, allowing Coach Rosko to analyze areas of weakness and progression for feedback.

     Coach Rosko explains the difficulties the current situation presents for him when trying to work with his athletes, and identifies the benefits that come from his virtual workroom videos.

     “I hate all this stuff. I can’t coach you, I can’t watch you, I can’t mark your progressions, I can’t have you work with your teammates and other players,” Coach Rosko said. “I make a one-to-three-minute video to go over the techniques to keep it simple, and that’s the key. Keep it simple. Identify the goal, which is to stay strong, fit, in shape, athletic, and go after the goal hard.”

“It’s almost counterproductive to have some long video, fifteen to twenty or thirty minutes long. You’re supposed to be active, and yet you’re watching a screen.”

Coach Mr. Matthew Rosko

     “It’s almost counterproductive to have some long video, fifteen to twenty or thirty minutes long,” Coach Rosko said. “You’re supposed to be active, and yet you’re watching a screen. When you think about the fact that your workout is involved with you standing in front of a TV screen or computer screen when [working out] the whole time, I think it’s counterproductive.”

poll by Austin Zhuang ’22

     Sixth Former Chris Tsetsekos, a frequent member in the workroom, expresses his gratitude and appreciation for his videos to stay in shape. 

     “I benefit greatly from watching Coach Rosko’s workout videos. I think he does an incredible job helping his athletes at home under these current conditions,” Tsetsekos said. “I’ve found his workouts to be very rewarding, both physically and mentally. Although I wish I could be doing them in the real workroom, Coach Rosko is making the best of this situation.”

     Sixth Former Pearse Glavin thinks the videos help maintain a regimented schedule. 

“It keeps me active and keeps a schedule in my otherwise boring routine”

Pearse Glavin ’20

     “It’s definitely benefited me the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing the workouts every couple of days,” Glavin said. “It keeps me active and keeps a schedule in my otherwise boring routine, which is nice. It’s been good to stay active and let off some stress.”

Author: Carson De Marco '20

Carson De Marco '20 is a member of the journalism seminar. Recently, he won a Silver Key from the Philadelphia-area Scholastic Art & Writing Competition for his piece, "Wrongful Convictions; A Country’s Stain." Carson is a member of the soccer and lacrosse teams and a member of the Signet Society.