Dan Curran creates new Eagles Podcast

Dan Curran’s Eagles Podcast is uploaded onto SoundCloud via SoundCloud

Most students are spending their quarantine free time playing video games, watching television, or reading books: but some students are pursuing less traditional activities. Fifth Former Daniel Curran has spent a good chunk of his time creating, editing, and posting a podcast onto SoundCloud. His podcast includes thirty-to-sixty minutes of talking football. His love for the Eagles prompted his idea.

     “One day I was just thinking, and the idea came to my head. I was bored and was looking for something to do. I just went with the idea of talking Eagles. It was something I loved doing anyway, so I decided to post it on the internet,” Curran said.

     So far, Curran has posted three episodes onto SoundCloud, but he does not plan to stop there, as he has already planned for the next couple of episodes.

     “Episode 4 is already planned out, but I am waiting for a couple potential rumors to play out first,” Curran said. “For example, there have been reports of the Eagles being interested in signing Jadeveon Clowney. When those signings or trades happen, I will record my next episode.”

     When recording, Curran does not work from a prepared script.

     “Going into an episode, I have an agenda. I have a couple of topics that I plan to cover during each episode; however, depending on how it is going, I spend more time on some topics than others.”

“I just went with the idea of talking Eagles. It was something I loved doing anyway, so I decided to post it on the internet.”

Dan Curran’21

     Curran spends a great deal of time doing most of the editing after recording the episode, but he does not do the entire podcast alone.

     “I cut stuff and edit by myself. It takes a decent amount of time. During Episodes 2 and 3, I had a couple of guests appear and talk with me. Bryson [Bernhardt] and Liam [Harkins] both made an appearance during Episode 2, and Cyril [Leahy] came in and talked during Episode 3. It’s good to get outside opinions on my podcast,” Daniel said.

     Speaking as a die-hard Eagles fan, Curran is brutally honest. If they make a bad pick, he is not afraid to call them out. On the other hand, when speaking about the 2020 NFL season, Curran speaks mostly positively.

    Curran said, “Coming into the offseason, the roster had many holes. The Eagles finally addressed the issue at wide receiver. We finally picked up a couple of guys that Wentz can actually throw to. Also, the secondary has improved drastically. Last year, our cornerbacks were in line with the worst in the NFL, but I believe they can possibly crack the Top 10 this year. I would really like to see the Eagles sign a veteran pass rusher. Lastly, they probably need to address the linebacker position. With the hard schedule, I think 10-6 is a reasonable record.”

Author: Jake LaRocca '22

Sports editor Jake LaRocca has written for The Index since 2018. His articles "Water Polo led by junior Olympians" earned a Silver Key from the 2020 Philadelphia-Area Scholastic Writing competition.