Mr. Keith Belson excited to share his calling to English teaching

Mr. Keith Belson (right) with friends at the 32-mile Spartan Ultra in Breckenridge Colorado, August 2018 – courtesy of Mr. Keith Belson

Philadelphia local Mr. Keith Belson joins the English department with high hopes.

    Born in Long Island, New York, Mr. Belson moved to the Philadelphia suburbs at a young age. Attending Strath Haven High School in Swarthmore, he received his undergraduate degree from Saint Joseph’s University before beginning his seven-year tenure at Marple Newtown High School.

    Mr. Belson has never doubted becoming a teacher.

    “I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I think for me it was, what job, what profession suits my skill set, as well as does the most good for the world? And I felt that going into teaching young people and building relationships with young people and helping guide them and sharing some passions of mine really was a noble cause.”

    He begins his first year at Haverford teaching English I.

    “What I’ve been hearing from most [teachers] is that classrooms at Haverford are a bit more engaged, and I think that’s something the all-boys model promotes,” Mr. Belson said. “It sends this idea that we’re here for one thing: to learn.”

Mr. Belson in a screenshot from his Index interview – Austin Zhuang ’22

    He also believes that smaller class sizes will benefit his method of teaching.

    “One thing that I really pride myself on is getting to know each of my students on a personal level, to really help guide and focus their education on what they need.” Mr. Belson said. “It’s something that really excites: tailoring each day, each lesson to each of my students.

    While his main focus is on the students he will be teaching, he also thinks that the community will better himself as well.

    “Another thing that I am really excited about is my colleagues, the other teachers that I’m starting to get to know through new teacher orientation and the opening faculty meetings,” Mr. Belson remarked. “Getting to work with such prestigious teachers, people who have been doing it for a long time, provides me an opportunity to grow as an educator.”

I’m up at five o’clock every day rip-roaring to go and speak with young people and get them thinking about things in different ways.

Mr. Keith Belson

   Outside of teaching, Mr. Belson continues to pursue his literary interests.

    “I love to write, and it’s something I still do when I have spare time, working on projects like short stories, novels, things like that.”

    His passion for education and teaching has become an irreplaceable part of his life.

    “[Teaching] does not feel like work,” Mr. Belson said. “This will be my eighth year teaching, and I still get excited every morning. I’m up at five o’clock every day rip-roaring to go and speak with young people and get them thinking about things in different ways. It’s the reason I’m teaching today.”