Ms. Stephanie Kantor excited to complement extraordinary art facilities

Ms. Stephanie Cantor with her dog Ivan last spring – courtesy of Ms. Stephanie Cantor

One of the many new faces joining the upper school faculty this year is art teacher Ms. Stephanie Kantor. 

    Ms. Kantor completed her undergraduate at Pennsylvania State University, where she received a degree in art education and ceramics. Four years later, she went on to add a Masters in Fine Arts to her resume from the University of Colorado Boulder.

    Throughout her early arts career, Ms. Kantor developed her craft by participating in artist residencies. 

    “That is basically when you go to a program and they give you studio space in exchange for work or community programming,” Ms. Kantor said. “So I was involved in a lot of artist communities, and I would often teach classes there.”

    Ms. Kantor’s passion for art and ceramics led her to explore part-time teaching jobs after she earned her masters. 

    “I started teaching college, so I would teach ceramics, foundations, painting, drawing, so I’ve been jumping around to different colleges doing that,” Ms. Kantor said. 

    Although she enjoyed her time teaching various forms of art at different colleges, Ms. Kantor was ready for a change.

    Ms. Kantor said, “I wanted to work at Haverford to have more of a full-time teaching job… I wanted something more consistent that I could make an impact on.”

“I’m really excited to be a part of Haverford and hope people make amazing art work!”

Ms. Stephanie Kantor

    While Ms. Kantor had many options when applying to become a full-time teacher, there were several reasons she chose Haverford as opposed to other local schools. 

    “What we have here is quite on par with a lot of college facilities,” Ms. Kantor said. “The laser cutter, the CNC, the woodshop, the ceramics studio, and everything we have available is really exciting for me and made this a place I wanted to be a part of.”

    Besides her role in the art studio, Ms. Kantor also has other interests that she hopes to share with the community. 

    “I am going to be an assistant coach for varsity tennis, so I’m excited to join the team for that,” Ms. Kantor said. “I’m a beginner surfer, so that is something I’m interested in… I’m into gardening, being outside, riding my bike, doing stuff like that, but I would say that art is my main interest.”

     Ms. Kantor said, “I’m really excited to be a part of Haverford and hope people make amazing art work!”

Author: Ryan Rodack '22

Ryan serves as an Editor-in-Chief for and is in his fourth year working for The Index. He previously served as the arts section editor and a managing editor. In the spring of 2021, Ryan earned recognition from the Scholastic Writing Awards for for his piece features piece, “Mr. Andrén pursues his dream job.” Ryan most frequently covers the sports, features, and news sections in his writing.