Letter from the student body president

courtesy of Cyril Leahy ’21

At 9:00 pm on September 29th, I was anticipating a riveting debate between thought leaders of the free world; by 10:30, I was convinced America was on the brink of collapse.

The night was appallingly hilarious. Both President Trump and former Vice President Biden spoke out of both sides of their mouths, with faulty evidence flying left and right. The lack of decorum by the sitting President perpetuated pettiness between the candidates, with the night’s best quote encapsulating America’s feeling on the two 70-year old politicians: “Will you shut up, man?”

The night’s comedy eventually gave way to fear. President Trump’s language in regards to the Proud Boys instantly caused a media firestorm. In the same breath, Vice President Biden’s constant laughter came across as childish. His retorts subverted his winning strategy to let the President look unprofessional.

In the weaning minutes of the debate, I sat back and sighed. No matter your feelings on either of these candidates(I would have to say I’m with Joe, though), this debate revealed the true corruption of the American democracy. Politics has become a nest of corruption, elder statesmen, and incompetence. Our government moves with less efficiency each day, now matter the leader, our pool of candidates frankly getting worse every cycle.

And my love for our country brought me great inspiration. Because this display may have actually been what America, and Haverford, needed all along. For many years, frustration about the federal government has grown. Voters grow tired of constant promise with little accountability. And young people are beginning to realize that it is time to change the guard. Chatter of the debate dominated the hallways the day after it occurred, with students expressing a resounding sense of embarrassment.

Apply this view to your own life. Are you making laughable choices? Are you setting yourself up for success? Haverford is an institution that creates incredible leaders in this great country. To be a Haverford man is to be an American; a man of bravery, courage, integrity, and brotherhood. So let our Virtues guide you. Wear masks, challenge problems, face your fears. Because we saw what happens when America drops the ball.

Let’s make sure Haverford doesn’t do the same.