Lower Merion township forces Bryn Mawr resident to remove large Black Lives Matter sign

Smith family’s message to their neighbors – courtesy of Trip Ronon ’24

Kathy Smith, resident of Bryn Mawr, placed a large and long “Black Lives Matter” sign across her property’s front fence on Fishers Road. The sign was the talk of the neighborhood over several months. It was a beacon and catalyst for three impromptu neighborhood meetings to discuss race and equal justice. Alas, a neighbor complained that the size of the sign violated Lower Merion Township’s personal expression signage rules. According to Township rules, twelve square feet is the maximum size for personal expression signs. As the Smith’s sign was well over twelve square feet, the township had no choice but to force the family to take it down. 

In response, the Smith’s put up another sign, this time meeting the code for personal expression rules. The front fence now also includes a pride flag, an American flag, and a message to the neighborhood. 

“Dear Neighbors,

In answer to your inquiry about the big

BLM sign, someone complained and LM Township

Stood and waited until we removed it.

If any or all of you have smaller BLM signs,

please feel free to place them on our lawn ♡”


Smith family’s lawn full of new signs- Courtesy of Trip Ronon ’24

The Smith’s lawn on Fishers Road is now populated with signs promoting social justice.