Golfers face cold, windy weather in late contests

Michael Bozzi ’21 in action on EA Day 2019 – Mr. George Scarino

The Inter-Ac golf season has arrived—albeit much later than usual—and with five scheduled matches in November, the Fords look to make the most out of their abbreviated fall season. Under the veteran leadership of Sixth Form captains Tyler Zimmer, Jake Maddaloni, Edward Trumpbour, Michael Bozzi, and coach Cole Berman ’14, the team has their eyes set on yet another Inter-Ac title in an unusual season. 

     For Berman, the biggest challenge is managing the team during the pandemic that creates “daily uncertainty.”

     “We all want to have practice and matches, but school is the priority,” Berman said. “We are all trying to find the right balance that allows the team to be safe and healthy while having normal in-season opportunities.” 

    “We all want to have practice and matches, but school is the priority.”

Coach cole Berman ’14

     With the end of Daylight Saving Time, golfers will have less daylight to work with. This will force them to tee off earlier than usual. 

     “We will be starting our matches nearly two hours earlier than normal to ensure that all groups are finished before dark,” said Berman. 

     If last year’s EA Day is any indication, golfers can expect relatively cold temperatures and heavy winds, which decrease carrying distance and faster greens which is a stark contrast to the usual fall breeze. The Fords are no strangers to challenging conditions. 

     “We’re all upperclassmen who have played for a few years,” Zimmer said,  “so we know how to go low despite strange circumstances.”

     “The temperature will definitely be colder, but that shouldn’t affect anyone because our competition will have the same course conditions as [we do],” Maddaloni said. 

Edward Trumpbour ’21 putts in a recent practice – Tyler Zimmer ’21

     Another challenge the team will face is the sudden thrust into the season. In previous years, Haverford golfers came into the first match fresh with experience from a string of summer tournaments. As the school year starts, outside tournaments occur less frequently, and with the season beginning so late this year, the Fords must adjust as quickly as possible.

     “Normally, we have summer tournaments every week,” Zimmer said. “But since there were few of them this year, we’re super excited to get back into matches because we love to compete.”

     Fewer tournaments does not mean the Fords are at a disadvantage. Golf is an individual sport, so team members have been practicing on their own. The team has also used their own ways to make team practices competitive to best prepare themselves for the return to matches. 

     “We make fun intra-squad competitions to keep the right mindset,” Zimmer said. “I personally have practiced with Sixth Former Edward Trumpbour every time, so we always play some type of match.”

     These practices offer coaches and captains an opportunity to determine which six players will compete.

     “We have some new freshmen and sophomores that have shown great improvement and talent, so that will be exciting for the years to come,” Berman said.