Upper school administration looks to enforce school shoe policy

Jacob Stacey ’21 shows off his sneakers during class. January 29, 2021 – Bernie Rogers ’21

In between classes, the squeaking of sneakers echo through the halls of Wilson Hall. According to Haverford’s dress code, sneakers and athletic shoes should not be worn during class. 

     The upper school handbook states that, “Students must wear dress shoes, preferably earth tone in color.” The dress code is one of the most vital aspects of a Haverford student’s character, but during the COVID era, students often break the dress code and take advantage of the unprecedented situation. Many wear sneakers that are against school policy. 

     Dean of Students Mr. Luqman Kolade, has taken notice of the out of dress students.

     “I’ve talked to some form deans about it, and we are probably going to have to start giving some detentions to repeated offenders”, Mr. Kolade said. 

     In the fall, to accommodate the colder weather and to possibly boost school morale, Mr. Kolade decided to allow students to wear Haverford hoodies and sweatshirts. Some believe this has led to a further loosening of the dress code.

     “I think there is already this sense of comfortability where you can wear a hoodie.” said Fifth Form Dean Ms. Brooke Kenna, “All I ask is that you wear the proper shoes, and a Haverford hoodie. They are two very simple things.”

Example of proper dress shoes. – Ch Th Jo via Wikimedia Commons

     “I think some students believe they can take advantage of the shoes, because of the new sweatshirt policy”, said Fourth Former Cole Donnelly.

     The number of students out of dress has led to an inconsistency within teachers that mark students “present, out of dress,” simply because a large portion of students have begun wearing sneakers. 

“I’m always on the lookout for kids that are out of dress code.”


     Within the student body, students have mixed opinions about wearing sneakers. 

     “I think the school’s dress policy fits the character of the school”, Fourth Former Louie Atkinson said.

     But on the other hand, some students enjoy wearing sneakers in school. 

     Sixth Former James Aschkenasy said, “Sneakers are just more comfortable and good for any weather.”

     Aschkenasy, who has routinely worn sneakers throughout his time at Haverford, stands for a group of students who choose comfort over tradition. 

     Evidently, the school notices the out-of-dress students, and enforcement of the dress code may be heightened in upcoming months.

     “I’m always on the lookout for kids that are out of dress code”, Ms. Kenna said.

Author: Bernie Rogers '21

Bernie Rogers ‘21 is a student in the journalism seminar. Rogers has an interest in sports and music journalism, along with a passion for hearing opinions from all viewpoints. He is also a member of the varsity basketball and soccer teams at Haverford.