Should fans be allowed at sporting events?

Fans watch varsity lacrosse vs. Gilman School- Jeffrey Yang ’22

The last year has been incredibly hard for billions, tearing up the very foundations of society and sending the global economy into a downward spiral. The results have been catastrophic for those in the entertainment and food  industry. Hundreds of thousands of loyal fans across the country are all asking the same question; what next? With vaccinations rolling out on a global front it seems that we could see full capacity very soon, with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stating, “We expect to have full stadiums in the upcoming season.” 

     Additionally, with the Major League Baseball season starting up, the Texas Rangers’ stadium season opener attracted 40,000 fans, a record high since early March of 2020. 

     Former  Jack Cimino said, “I see nothing wrong with outdoor events if fans are vaccinated,  socially distancing and outdoors with masks.” 

     On the contrary, Third Former Holden Smith expressed his concerns with unvaccinated people mixing in with vaccinated crowds.

     “If everyone is vaccinated it would not be a problem, but if there are any unvaccinated people it would not work,” Smith said.

      However, both of them agreed that the situation should be taken on a week-to-week basis and social distancing and mask wearing is an essential part of limiting transmission.