Mrs. Higgins bids farewell to her former lower school students

Mrs. Jen Higgins in her classroom- Courtesy of Mrs. Higgins

Long-time students will no doubt remember Mrs. Jen Higgins–a first grade teacher who has devoted twenty-three years of her career to the school. 

     For many students, Mrs. Higgins was the one who taught them how to read, one of the pillars in education.  

     “It has been so gratifying watching my students come in stumbling to get through a three-letter word, and by the end of the year, they are reading on their own and picking up books.” Mrs. Higgins said. “I love the excitement at the beginning of the year when we have our back-to-school meetings. I love the support that my colleagues give each other and the interesting people that I have worked with at Haverford.”

     After spending ten years teaching kindergarten, Mrs. Higgins switched to first grade in 2008. 

     “Ron Duska was the lower school head at that point, and a first grade teacher was leaving, so I decided to try first grade,” Mrs. Higgins said. “I was all about teaching reading, and I loved how much fun it was. It was just great.” 

     Haverford has taken up such a large part of Mrs. Higgins’s life, and she has learned alot from her tenure. 

     “[Haverford] has taught me stamina and discipline. It taught me how to get along with people and accept people and their differences.” 

     Mrs. Higgins’ has taught what she learned from her experience to her three children, who are now adults.

     “I passed these lessons down to my kids. These things that I have learned have helped me be a better person,” Mrs. Higgins said.

“Every year I think about how the gauntlet is the most emotional experience to watch them [the graduates who were once Ms. Higgins’ students] go across the hall and hug people, and they remember my name. It is wonderful to watch them grow up.”

Mrs. Jen Higgins

     Through her long teaching career, Mrs. Higgins has seen many former students graduate. 

     “It really is amazing. Every year I think about how the gauntlet is the most emotional experience to watch them go across the hall and hug people, and they remember my name,” Mrs. Higgins said. “It is wonderful to watch them grow up.”

     After her twenty-three years at Haverford, a new chapter of Mrs. Higgins’ life will begin. 

     “I am retiring from Haverford. I don’t think that I am retiring completely yet. I am leaving because my husband got a job in Florida,” Mrs. Higgins said. “I think that I will sub for my first year there and get certified to teach.”

     While Mrs. Higgins looks forward to her bright future, she will miss this school.

     “It will be a slow and sad process saying goodbye to all the people that I have worked with for so long,” Mrs. Higgins said. “I suppose that I am going to miss my Haverford friends the most.” 

     On the bright side, due to the rise of COVID, Ms. Higgins knows there are other ways to catch up with her Haveford family.

    “With the explosion of Google Meets, we will have gatherings together and stay connected.”

Author: Connor Pinsk '23

Managing Editor Connor Pinsk joined The Index in the fall of 2019. He previously served as Neighborhood Editor.