Soccer leaders eye league challengers

New Third Former McKai Hoillet, center, in action in 0-1 loss to Conestoga, September 4, 2021. Matt Pressler ’22, right, looks on – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

Following a shortened schedule in 2020 due to the pandemic, Fords Footy is back in action. The team is more than prepared to get back on the pitch. 

Sixth Former Sam Tryon reflects on the loss of last season’s brief schedule.

“To say we are amped up to have a proper season is an understatement. Even in an abbreviated season, we did not play all of our scheduled games, and there was a good amount of players not available for us last year, myself included,” Tryon said.

The soccer team has big goals for this year, so the older players will focus on the balance between seriousness and fun.

“In terms of the energy on the pitch, every single one of us is ecstatic to push for the Inter-Ac and PAISSA championships.”

Sam Tryon ’22

“In terms of the energy on the pitch, every single one of us is ecstatic to push for the Inter-Ac and PAISSA championships,” Tryon said. “It’s safe to say we’ve enjoyed being back out there with each other these past few weeks, but at the same time we are focused on working on and off the field to make this season a successful and memorable one.”

In terms of team structure, soccer is in an ideal position. They have strong leadership from upperclassmen, as well as a young supporting cast. The older players expect a lot of production from underclassmen. 

“They will definitely get their chances this year to perform and have an impact on a number of games, whether that be off the bench or as starters,” Tryon said. “As upperclassmen, the standard we hold the underclassmen to is no different than what we hold ourselves to. We expect them to track back, put their body on the line, and in general put a strong effort in for the rest of the team so that we are put in a position to succeed and win.”

With new Sixth Formers come new captains, and the captains for the 2021 team are Sixth Formers Asher Laackman, Will Kendall, and Sam Kohl.

Kohl reflects on their goals as captains for the 2021 season.

Torin McClave ’22 in a 0-1 loss to Conestoga, September 4, 2021- Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

“We obviously want to leave a successful legacy on the field, hopefully winning the Inter-Ac and the state championship, but we also want to leave a positive mark on the culture of the program off the field,” Kohl said. “It’s a tough task, for sure, and one that requires the team leadership to always have character development in the back of their minds, but we have a great group of guys. I know we can get it done.”

Kohl stresses the path to success; he admits his goal of winning the league and state championship will not happen without the process.

“My goals for the team are to essentially plant the seeds of a state championship: that means a positive practice environment, that means players buying into the system, and that means creating a culture of mutual support and accountability within the team,” Kohl said. “In the end, that’s what breeds success.”

Author: Jake LaRocca '22

Sports editor Jake LaRocca has written for The Index since 2018. His articles "Water Polo led by junior Olympians" earned a Silver Key from the 2020 Philadelphia-Area Scholastic Writing competition.