Letter from the student body president

Mitav Nayak ’22 – courtesy of Mitav Nayak ’22

Dear Fords,

I hope your third quarter is off to a terrific start. As you settle into new classes, meet new teachers, and prepare for the final stretch of winter, it is important to continue to think about your community.

How do you want to impact Haverford? What do you have to say about yourself or about this school that others may benefit from hearing?

I am sure many of you have answers to these questions. Others of you may not; but regardless, I know that every student at Haverford has something to say, whether they have realized it or not. Either way, I would urge you to consider giving a reflection.

Reflections are one of my favorite parts about this school. During my freshman year, I was genuinely surprised at how insightful and articulate students could be during these assemblies.

It is fascinating to hear one of our peers or a teacher go up in front of the school in Centennial Hall and speak about something they are passionate about—some piece of themselves or some insight about the school that they share which, in turn, impacts Haverford.

Every reflection I’ve heard has impacted me in some form. With every speech I’ve given, I’ve attempted to impact others. Through the reflection program, every student has the opportunity to make comments—however large or small—that affect others. And I find that amazing.

The reflections we have had this year have been fantastic. In the coming months, I would love to see more students—hopefully some underclassmen as well—step forward and share with us all whatever it is they are passionate about.


Mitav Nayak

Author: Mitav Nayak '22

Mitav Nayak has contributed to The Index since 2018. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief. Mitav won the fall 2019 Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Philadelphia-area Student Journalism Competition for Newspaper Sports Story Writing and was to compete for the state title in the spring of 2020 (canceled due to COVID).