Engage in current events discourse

2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief (clockwise from the left): Ryan Rodack ’22, Mitav Nayak ’22. and Jeffrey Yang ’22 – Connor Pinsk ’23

Over the course of the last couple years, students interested in science, medicine, and global health have been able to explore their interests on a day to day basis. Since the emergence of COVID-19, many students have participated in educational discussions and studied the statistics related to COVID-19 on a daily basis.

Now, with the conflict taking place between Russia and Ukraine, we encourage everyone to stay informed and learn about the atrocities taking place overseas. 

In an Index poll sent out to upper school students with one hundred responses, 66% of students indicated that they are “somewhat” following the Russian-Ukraine conflict and another 12% of students are not following the conflict at all. On the other hand, 22% of students are “very closely” invested in the conflict. 

While we do not want to steer any of you to engage in a subject that does not interest you, we do want you to know that there are plenty of opportunities to stay informed at Haverford.

Mr. Lengel has and continues to host lunch events where students can openly discuss the Russia-Ukraine situation with peers. Whether you are an expert on current events or if you are eager to understand what is happening and why, we encourage you to attend Mr. Lengel’s open discussions. 

Additionally, we have several history teachers who are willing to have one on one conversations with students to help them gain new perspectives and a better understanding of the current events in our world.

Fords, take advantage of the opportunities we have on campus to enhance your knowledge.