Underclassmen challenge next year’s schedule

Proposed 2022-2023 Schedule – Courtesy of Mr. Mark Fifer

The school has made drastic changes over the past few years to help combat COVID-19 in the community. One significant change was implementation of the quarter system. Students again face change as the school prepares for a new schedule of continuous classes next year.  Students have mixed feelings about these changes. 

     Third Former James Dean said, “I do not like it, as I feel that the quarter system gives me less time for homework and more homework all around.”

     The amount of work students get varies, depending on their classes and ultimately themselves. However, balancing six continuous classes throughout a whole year is certainly intimidating for people, especially underclassmen, who have not experienced such a schedule in the upper school before. 

     “I prefer the old schedule over the new one, as it will be more work and more stress,” Third Former Patrick White said.  

     The current schedule allows students to only focus on three classes per quarter, which ensures adequate time to finish their work. Going back to a continuous schedule may lead to more homework and seemingly less time for the increased work.    

     Fourth Former Brady Miles also brought up another popular opinion. He said,  “I am worried about higher stress levels with the new schedules which could affect my work.”

     Many believe that the increased amount of classes will lead to more homework and ultimately lead to more stress on the student. Over the last two years, students have been accustomed to having more time for their work and other activities. But with the new schedule and possibly more work, the amount of free time a student gets especially after extracurriculars is in question.

    Mr. Fifer has only recently confirmed the new schedule, but a common opinion that the administration can expect from younger students is that they prefer the quarter system rather than the new one.