Finish strong, maintain support

2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief (clockwise from the left): Ryan Rodack ’22, Mitav Nayak ’22. and Jeffrey Yang ’22 – Connor Pinsk ’23

As the sun shines brighter and the temperature increases, the virtue of the year, support,  is more important than ever. The last two months of the year are the most challenging. We want to be outside shooting hoops, running around, and hanging out with friends. Honestly, nobody is happy to be in the classroom taking a test or writing an in-class essay on an 80° and sunny May afternoon. 

As the temptation to lose focus on school and shift our attention to our outdoor hobbies, we must hold each other accountable both inside and outside of the classroom. Support your classmate who is struggling with his homework assignments. Support a friend who feels overwhelmed and overworked. Support your teammate who is tempted to make a poor decision. Support your siblings and your family members in these last couple of months before summer break. 

Although we have all done great work so far, we cannot give up just yet. As the late Kobe Bryant said when a reporter asked him if he’s happy that his Lakers team was leading their best of seven series 2-0, Kobe responded, “What’s there to be happy about? The job’s not finished. Is the job finished? No, I don’t think so?”

We as a faculty, staff, student body, and community must take Kobe’s attitude into the final stretch of the school year. Yes, we have successfully completed 7 and a half months of this school year. We’ve excelled eac  in our own way: in the classroom, the robotics pit, the stage of Centennial Hall, the fields on EA day, the squash courts, the crew boats, and most importantly, we have successfully fulfilled Mitav and Mr. Casertano’s day one goal of supporting one another so far.

But, “The job’s not finished. Is the job finished? No, I don’t think so.”