Philadelphia hopes to flip the script Super Bowl LVII

The American flag is unravelled before the Eagles’ game against the Giants on January 29, 2023 – Connor Pinsk ’23

The Philadelphia Eagles stand just one game away from achieving football immortality. Led by Coach Nick Sirianni, the Eagles have had a historic season. With playoff appearances in just his two seasons, Sirianni proves that he is a key component to the Eagles’ success.

Under that strong leadership, the Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. 

While the game will be a thrilling conclusion to the Eagles’ season, many subplots arise surrounding the coming Super Bowl. 

The Super Bowl is on February 12, which falls during Black History Month. Super Bowl LVII will be historic, as it is the first Super Bowl featuring two Black starting quarterbacks. Jalen Hurts will be in the center of the spotlight for the Eagles. At just 24 years old, the explosive Hurts is one of the youngest quarterbacks to ever start in a Super Bowl.

On the Chiefs’ offense, Patrick Mahomes is no novice. This will be Mahomes’ third time in the Super Bowl, in addition to already having one ring in his collection. 

The matchup of the quarterbacks is just one of many storylines for fans to watch. 

But the Eagles finally have a chance to break the cycle of falling short. Eagles fans across the world have been waiting for this moment.

This Super Bowl has also been referred to as “The Kelce Bowl.” For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will play against each other. Fan favorite Jason Kelce will play center for the Eagles, with his younger brother Travis on tight end for the Chiefs. 

In addition to the Kelces, there’s also a revenge story looming. 

The Chiefs are coached by Andy Reid, who has enjoyed great success in Kansas City. He has accumulated a handful of Conference Championships and one World Championship. Before his tenure in Kansas City, Reid spent thirteen years as the head coach of the Eagles. He brought the Eagles within reach of a championship but fell short against the New England Patriots. Reid brought pain to Eagles fans for many years, and Philadelphia wants to flip the script and beat him.

Thousands of Eagles fans rejoiced on Broad Street in February 2018, donning their midnight green, celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory. Five years have passed, and Philly hasn’t felt that joy since. 

Philly fans have endured many heartbreaks recently, most notably with the Phillies and the Union losing in the championship games. But the Eagles finally have a chance to break the cycle of falling short. Eagles fans across the world have been waiting for this moment. 

Adrian’s speech to Rocky in the Philadelphia classic Rocky II echoes a similar sentiment. She asks Rocky to do one thing for her: “Win.” 

Go Birds. It’s time to grease the poles.