Behind the voice of the Fords: Charlie Keidel

Official school portrait of Charlie Keidel ’24

The chaotic student section does not provide the loudest voices you hear during the basketball games. Beyond the student chants, or Coach Rogers drawing up a play, you hear a “THREE Connor Scanlan,” or a “Introducing your Haverford School Fords!” 

At every basketball game held in McBride Court, and soon, every baseball game on Memorial Field, fans hear Fifth Former Charlie Keidel showcasing his skills as the announcer for the Fords. 

Students and fans often overlook what the announcer does for the team and the game’s environment. As an announcer, Charlie Keidel holds his own and performs well behind the mic.

“This is his first year announcing, he works hard at it, it’s not the easiest thing. You have to be confident, willing to be loud to hype up the crowd, and he has been improving every single time he goes out and does it and it has been really cool to see for me,” former student announcer Luke Kania ’19 said.

It is remarkable that Keidel was able to pick it up so fast. Announcing is not a popular job at the school; it is even more impressive that he was willing to step up for the program. There are not any “announcing tryouts.” Typically when a manager is willing to announce, he will be given the opportunity.

I wanted to immerse myself more and to be a part of a team that I would not be able to make athletically.

Charlie Keidel ’24

“I talked to Luke Kania. He told me it would be a positive thing to do and thought I would be good to take over his position,” Keidel said. “I wanted to immerse myself more and to be a part of a team that I would not be able to make athletically.”

“Being a part of the team” is not just announcing for the games, Keidel’s work ethic goes beyond the games, just like any other player.

“He, along with [Fourth Former] Jay Rogers, are just as much a part of the program as anyone else,” Assistant Basketball Coach Mr. Jeremy Hart said. “Charlie can always be counted on for bringing good energy and instigating what is good for the team.” 

“[Keidel] just brings a good energy to practice every day. He’s always got a smile on his face, and he always does the little things that not everyone wants to do,” Kania said. 

Even though he is not a player, the team feels as if he belongs there.

Sixth Form varsity basketball player Brendan Leary said, “He brings great energy, he’s always fun to talk to on the sideline. Charlie has his unique ways of getting involved, he either tries to hop in a drill or asks us for songs to play to pursue our interests.”

Energy is certainly a common trait the team notices about Keidel. He has to be unique in order to keep the job. Being the voice of the Fords is being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Mr. Hart said, “I do think his announcing is a great way of continuing the tradition started by Luke Kania, and there will be a great battle of playing time between him and Jay Rogers as the voice of the Fords.”