Letter from the student body president

Luka Sekulic ’23

It’s one thing to have faith to get started, but it’s another thing to have the fortitude to finish strong. 

We are at the end of the road; the weather’s getting warm, Memorial Day weekend is near, and so is graduation. But we must not lose track of our values and what is important. Just because the weather is getting better does not mean we can put our main goal, our collective integrity, in front of our short-term needs.  By procrastinating, you will find yourself with long nights of homework and studying; and although you might be successful for a few weeks, the stress and lack of sleep will eventually get to you. 

We have overcome many challenges already this year, but we cannot afford to become complacent now. The final stretch can often be the most demanding, but it is also the most crucial. It is a time when we must push ourselves to achieve our goals, and perhaps even exceed our own expectations. With the right mindset and the continued support of our community, we can make the most of these final months and finish the year on a strong note.

There’s not much else to say except to take a deep breath and embrace your future roles for next year. 

Fifth Formers, you guys are now the face of the school. Own your role as the most tenured in the chain of command. You’ve seen a lot of things you liked this year and things you didn’t like. Use what you learned for next year, and demonstrate your leadership abilities when the current Sixth Formers leave. Third and Fourth Formers, learn from the Fifth Form and create healthy relationships between one another. 

Respect and love each other as brothers that you are.