Mr. Jeremy Branch plans to advocate for his students in college admissions

Mr. Jeremy Branch – Ms. Kristin Brown

After spending more than five years as the Senior Assistant Director of Enrollment Management at Penn State Brandywine and fifteen years in admissions at Pennsylvania State University, Mr. Jeremy Branch joins the college counseling office’s experienced staff as an Associate Director. 

Mr. Branch joined the Penn State admissions office shortly after graduating from the university. 

“I was intrigued by the opportunity to work closely with students and parents as they navigated the stressful and robust college-search journey,” Mr. Branch said.

He also knew, from experience, how stressful the process could be. 

“My own college search was chaotic yet successful, so I knew what families were up against and that I could help,” Mr. Branch said.

However, he was surprised at how much he enjoyed the work. 

“If you would have told me seventeen years ago that I would eventually become the President of the Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling and a Board Director for the National Association for College Admission Counseling, I would have laughed in your face,” Mr. Branch said. 

During his time working at Penn State, Mr. Branch had many opportunities to visit Haverford. 

“The young men were always a joy to work with, and The Haverford School as a whole seemed to have a vision, unique vibe, and culture that stood out to me,” Mr. Branch said. 

“I was waiting for the right opportunity. This opportunity.” 

Mr. Jeremy Branch

When the opportunity arose, Mr. Branch seized it. 

“For a long time I knew that The Haverford School was one of the only schools that I would even consider leaving College Admissions for,” Mr. Branch said. “I was waiting for the right opportunity. This opportunity.” 

Mr. Branch brings years of experience to Haverford’s college counseling office. 

“One [lesson I have learned] that comes to mind is the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with my students, my colleagues on campus, and my colleagues at other institutions,” Mr. Branch said. “In order to help a student to find the right “fit,” a college/university that is right for them particularly, the stronger the relationship [between student and counselor], the better the outcome will be.”

Mr. Branch plans to be a strong advocate for his students during the admissions process. 

“Developing and maintaining relationships with colleagues at other institutions will help in finding that right ‘fit,’ [in addition to] staying on top of the shifting trends and challenges that may impact our students and opportunities to advocate for our boys,” Mr. Branch said. 

Outside of his work in college counseling, Mr. Branch is passionate about many other activities. 

“Faith. My family—my wife Laia, my son Brooks, and our dog Penny. I love watching all sports. I love playing golf. I’m obsessed with music. Star Wars and Marvel are everything. The beach,” Mr. Branch said.

Mr. Branch is excited and optimistic about the upcoming school year. “I am so excited to work with my Sixth Formers and their families, my colleagues in the College Counseling office, and to attend as many games as possible across all sports,” Mr. Branch said.