Aliens are real

Tommy Saul ’25

Aliens: a childish yet deeply complex and controversial topic. Something the general population thinks it knows little, but in reality, understands so much about. 

While nothing has been confirmed, there are numerous reliable sources that provide compelling evidence of alien activity on and around planet Earth.

Throughout both ancient and recent history, inexplicable events occurred that we can only describe as extraterrestrial encounters. One prime example would be the well-known cattle mutilations. The cattle mutilations (also known as bovine excision) are the killing and mutilations of cattle under unusual circumstances. What makes the situation so unique is that the murders are mostly bloodless, with perfect incisions on the animals along with the removal of hearts, brains, ears, lymph nodes, and genitals. There is no known technology on Earth that would be capable of slaughtering these animals with this precision. Theories continue to circulate explaining that whoever (or whatever) is mutilating the livestock is doing it for experimental and testing purposes. 

What could it really be?

Nevada deputies guard the back gate of Area 51, September 2019 – David James Henry via Wikimedia Commons

Entering into a slightly more pragmatic zone, earlier in 2023, USAF officer and former intelligence official David Grusche was interviewed by a few media outlets and testified in a U.S. House of Representatives congressional hearing. 

Grusche made several claims related to a secretive UFO recovery program within the U.S. federal government. He alleges that the government possesses “non-human” spacecrafts and their deceased pilots. In 2022, he filed a whistleblower complaint with the U.S. Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) to share classified information with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and he also filed a complaint about retaliation by superiors due to a similar complaint in 2021. 

Grusche suggests that documents indicate Benito Mussolini’s government recovered a “non-human” spacecraft in 1933, with assistance from the Vatican and the Five Eyes, and the U.S. obtained it in 1944 or 1945. He claims second-hand knowledge of harm and death to American citizens from malevolent space beings in government efforts to conceal this information, while also explaining that he would not be able to elaborate any further. 

In response, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense denied any evidence of extraterrestrial life or anyone possessing and reverse engineering “extraterrestrial materials.”

Another whistleblower, former USMC Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt, explained a specific event in much greater detail than officer Grusche’s relatively broad statement. This stands as one of the best, if not the best, recorded testimonies of first-hand involvement with a UFO crash retrieval, which allegedly took place in March, 1997. Weygandt talked about how the craft crashed into a shear ridge in a Peruvian jungle. The craft, shaped like an egg or teardrop, was measured roughly 30 feet by 65 feet and had gashes in the back from some impact (perhaps due to a surface-to-air missile (SAM) fired by the military to bring it down, after tracking the craft as it entered the atmosphere). He felt that the UFO was organic and “alive.” The scariest aspect of the event, however, is that as Weygandt got closer to it, he claimed life forms within the ship communicated with him telepathically, asking for help. And one more caveat: the Varginha UFO crash occurred one year later in 1998 in nearby Brazil.

Is this a coincidence?

Just considering that a majority of this information is accurate, we arrive at one major inquiry: do the aliens have good intentions or bad intentions? 

A documentary called Ancient Aliens provides some very intriguing information. The first episode surrounds the idea that human evolution does not line up the way it should and that our genetic material could only have been artificially altered. This lines up with additional evidence after the writers of the show interviewed various people who had each claimed to have been “abducted.” It was all jokes and giggles until they realized each interviewee was basically saying the same thing: they recalled waking up naked on a white hospital bed surrounded by glass tubes of oddly-shaped, human-like babies, before being tested on themselves. All of this supports the far-fetched but absolutely possible theory that extraterrestrial beings treat planet Earth like a laboratory to deeply study human activities and make changes when necessary.

Just considering that a majority of this information is accurate, we arrive at one major inquiry: do the aliens have good intentions or bad intentions? 

My belief is that the entirety of extraterrestrial life follows the fundamental interplanetary guidelines – planets help other planets to thrive and develop. With the extent of the complexity of their technology compared to ours, if they wanted to destroy us, they definitely would have by now, and although there is no way to fully comprehend their plans, I truly believe that they do exist and the bulk of them are here to (primarily) help. 

These revelations challenge our conventional understanding of the world and push us to think beyond the boundaries of our planet. They invite us to engage in critical thinking, question established norms, and stimulate our curiosity about the universe beyond Earth. 

Exploring such unconventional and even unproven topics can inspire a sense of wonder, foster a passion for scientific inquiry, and encourage a broader perspective on the world and our place in it. In exploring these possibilities, we can promote a sense of intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness within our Haverford community, and the greater community beyond.