Third Formers transition to new schedule

Student Investigates his schedule – Sebastian Bilash ’20

During the beginning of this school year, Third Formers have had to adapt to the Upper School schedule, a task more difficult for some than others. Many Third Formers have already experienced a similar schedule in the Middle School, easing their transition to Wilson Hall.

     When the middle school and upper school designed their schedules, they took into consideration the experience of  Third Formers moving from the now-demolished Crosman Hall to Wilson. 

     “The eighth-grade teachers wanted to make sure you guys were aware of what you’re getting into in high school,” Head of Middle School Dr. Jay Greytok said.

     In turn, middle and upper school schedules were designed with a similar structure. 

     “We really didn’t use a block system in our prior schedule,” Dr. Greytok said. “Last year we made sure to have those blocks readily available so you can see A, B, C, D, E, F, and that helps with the transition from middle school to upper school because they use a block system in the upper school” Dr. Greytok said.

     The fact that the divisions’ schedules have similar aspects, such as a seven-day rotation, the block system, and longer periods, has helped Third Formers with their transition to Wilson H.

     “[Before], the schedule was always jumping around, so I think [the new middle school schedule] correlates well to the current schedule this year,” said Third Former Owen Yu said.

 “I feel like I’m used to the schedule, so I get it and know how it works.”

Zack Shah ’23

     “I feel like I’m used to the schedule, so I get it and know how it works,” said Third Former Zach Shah, who attended Haverford in middle school.

     Still, many Third Formers didn’t have the chance to experience a similar schedule in middle school, as there are thirty-one new students in the incoming class. These students are coming from many different types of schools and will have to adapt to a new schedule.

     “In the beginning, it was a little confusing, but after I got the hang of it, it wasn’t that bad,” said new Third Former Megh Tank, who had a fixed two-day schedule at Quakertown last year.

     Although Third Formers have had varying degrees of difficulty adapting to Haverford’s schedule, the general consensus on the Upper School schedule among Third Formers is positive.

     New Third Former Lucio Acchione said, “I like [the schedule] way better here. I feel like I learn more and it’s not rushed like it was at my old school.”

Author: Joey Kauffman '23

Joey Kauffman is an Editor-In-Chief for The Index for the 2022-23 school year. He previously served as a Managing Editor, where he won a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for his opinion piece “Start Language Learning in Lower School.” His review of the movie "I'm Thinking of Ending Things" also earned him second place in the Pennsylvania Press Club Annual High School Journalism Contest. In May of 2023, Joey’s features piece, “Controversy swirls around fan section nickname” won second place in the National Federation of Press Women High School Journalism Contest after winning the Pennsylvania competition.