Letter from the president

Vincent Scauzzo ’20, student council president – photo by James Wang ’21

It is a busy time of year. Sixth Formers are preparing their college applications for the early decision deadline. Athletics are right in the middle of their grind before the championships. Many students are trying to recover from their summer reading grades. It’s busy, but it’s good busy.

     I would rather live like I do now—meeting deadlines and pressured by the College Board—than be bored. I feel if I am not challenging myself in my classes or engaging with the school community, or even staying at home instead of socializing, then I am wasting my life away. I know it might seem daunting having so many things on your calendar, but you must remember that everything you are doing, you are doing for yourself, or at least that’s how it should be. 

     You might think taking a class or doing community service “looks good on the transcript,” but you must remember that not everything revolves around where you spend the next chapter of your life. 

Spend time doing what you love and being around people you enjoy.

     You should be part of organizations because you like them, and because you want the experience to last longer now, not for some reason down the road. Doing community service should not be sacrificial work. It should be a personal passion to help others, while at the same time helping yourself. You should be taking a class because you like the material, not because it’s a GPA boost.

     As we enter a tumultuous time of year, let me remind you to live in the moment. Spend time doing what you love and being around people you enjoy.

     And EA must be defeated.