Wordle fever runs wild in Wilson Hall

Brody Murphy ’24 Does His best To Beat The Wordle – Pierce Laveran ’24

 Wordle has grown into a viral frenzy among students, teachers, and faculty. For those who still don’t understand the craze, you must be asking yourself: what exactly is the hype?

     Wordle is a game that involves users guessing a five-letter word within six guesses. Josh Wardle created it in October 2021, and gained popularity quickly throughout the country and throughout the school. Many students and faculty members participate in this game every single day. You cannot go through the entire school day without hearing the common phrase, “Did you complete the Wordle today?”

     Third Form physics teacher Ms. Carol O’Brien, an avid user of Wordle, said, “Wordle doesn’t take that long to play—and it requires pattern recognition—so I think it’s a good brain exercise. You can’t be distracted for long.”

     Wordle is a short game, like Ms. O’Brien said, so even if students were distracted it would not be for a long period of time. Furthermore, the game helps students build thinking skills. 

     Wordle is more than a game, but also a puzzle to exercise the brain and utilize it in ways not used on a daily basis. It helps develop the way students think and their problem-solving skills, which is ultimately the purpose of school.

    “It has been my observation that guys work on it between activities,” Ms. O’Brien said. “I’d rather them play Wordle than Tetris.” 

     Although students may play it during class, it seems to be at a reasonable time within the period when it does not distract their or their peers’ learning. Wordle also seems to be a better alternative than other games which may take longer and be less beneficial.

     Third Form Wordle player Eli Leader said, “I am not distracted by Wordle in class, but I like to play it during my free time.”

     The game is obviously popular throughout the school, but it does not seem students are necessarily distracted, especially not in the classroom. 

     Wordle is a game that students and teachers alike enjoy and can continue to enjoy. But like all cultural trends in life, will everyone get bored of it soon?