Costin, Gillin point to lacrosse’s “earn everything” mentality

Pat Gillin ’22 bounces off an opposing player in a 10-5 loss against McDonogh School, March 25, 2022 – Communications

As Fords lacrosse heads into the latter stretch of the season, they are starting to figure out the strengths of their team, which they hope will propel them towards a successful Inter-Ac run.

After some tough games with Lawrenceville and Malvern, and some strong performances over Bullis and Penn Charter, the Fords are starting to come together.

Sixth Former Will Costin described how the team is approaching the season.

“[We’re] just going out and competing every day with the team in hopes of winning an inter ac championship,” Costin said. “It’s not often you have a team where every player is super close with one another, so it makes for a really special environment.”

Sixth Former Pat Gillin reflected on this final part of his final season for Haverford lacrosse.

“I’m looking forward to maximizing the little time we have left together as a group and competing every day,” Gillin said. “We all have the same end goal in mind, but it’s the process that is really special to us. Every practice and game is another opportunity to grow as a team so we can put our best product of lacrosse on the field come May.”

With several unique traditions, the lacrosse team has built a special culture over the years.

“Many would cite the success and hard working culture of the program as what makes it special,” Costin said, “but I think if you asked any player past and present, they would say that the bonds they have made with their teammates and their continued friendships with past teammates is what makes Haverford lacrosse special.”

Gillin described the work ethic the players show every day, practicing in the mornings, training out of season, and watching film.

“The players who have come through the program before use still put time and energy into it years after graduating,” Gillin said. “The coaching staff has given us a platform to grow as players and people. Following our core values of passion, respect, and daily improvement has been the backbone of the way we approach each and every day. Everyone puts their teammates’ needs above their own.”

This year’s team has tons of talent. With several Division 1 commits on offense, defense, and midfield, they are one of the best teams in the Inter-Ac and the country

Costin said, “This year’s team is super tough just like many others. But seeing the guys in really grind in the weight room and on the field this off-season really added to the toughness of the team and earn everything mentality we have.”

Will Costin ’22 in a 10-5 loss against McDonogh School on March 25, 2022 – Communication

In addition to the toughness, the team is also collaborative.

“We have a great group of seniors who bring a lot of talent and experience to the field,” Gillin said. “We also have some young guys who have stepped up big this year and are continuing to grow each and every day. I think the strongest aspect of the team is the competitive mentality that we bring to practice. Most importantly we all really care about each other and compete to earn every day as a team.”

The captains and leaders have stepped up to help the younger players through the season.

“This year we have had a variety of all class years playing,” Costin said, “so a huge emphasis we have had as seniors is to make sure to let the younger guys know that they can play with anyone and make sure they are confident. As the season has progressed there have been younger guys that have definitely stepped up and it has helped us a lot.”

Gillin pointed to the player’s ability to hold each other accountable and keep building on the Haverford lacrosse legacy.

“Every leader brings something different to the table. Whether it’s a senior or a freshman, you are held to the same standard as a player and a person. We all just want each other to get better every day, but in order to do that, we need to hold each other accountable for mistakes and show praise for the good plays. The young guys have been great. They bring a lot of energy and talent to this team. As older guys, we look to help them carry on the traditions of this program.”

Author: Mitav Nayak '22

Mitav Nayak has contributed to The Index since 2018. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief. Mitav won the fall 2019 Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Philadelphia-area Student Journalism Competition for Newspaper Sports Story Writing and was to compete for the state title in the spring of 2020 (canceled due to COVID).