Bodle and Senior leaders get the ball rolling for Fords Golf

Rory Nesbitt ’23 (left) and Henry Gowen ’23 (right) – Bridget Walsh

Last Fall, after several seasons on the team, then-Fifth Former Ben Bodle opted out of continuing to play on the Haverford water polo team. 

“It was sad that he moved on. Ben brought an extensive knowledge of the game that was often appreciated in the film room,” said Sixth Former water polo captain Isaiah Shuchman. 

After being raised in a water polo-centric household, Bodle grew tired of the sport. The pressure and intensity of morning swims, after-school practices, and club practices began to weigh on him. 

“I still love water polo and I also love to watch it, but playing it drains you because it is such a big time commitment,” Bodle said.  

Bodle knew he needed to try something different. Around this time, he began to take golf more seriously, keeping track of his scores and improving his handicap. Eventually, he emailed golf coach Mr. Cole Berman ’14 for a spot to try out for the team.

“The tryouts were at The 1912 Club, which happens to be one of the courses I play at on a regular basis,” Bodle said. “It was two days of golf, and I happened to do very well on those days. I made the team, and the rest is history.”

Bodle serves as captain this season, along with Sixth Formers Rory Nesbitt, Brendan Leary, and Henry Gowen. The team started the year with a close win against Radnor High School on Haverford’s home course, Merion West. Mr. Berman is ably assisted by Math Teacher Mr. Andrew Franz. The team has several talented underclassmen, including Third Formers Nicky Nemo, Sean Curran, Will Forman, and Liam McFadden.
“Sean, Liam, Will, and my brother, Nicky, have all played in varsity matches this year as freshmen. We have high hopes for the next four years with them,” Fifth Former and teammate Alex Nemo said. 

When not in the fairway, the team can be found at team dinners. Each week, a player hosts a dinner to promote team chemistry and support. 

“Team dinners are great, and our captain Rory hosted one earlier this week. At dinners we usually chill, talk about golf, and update each other on how we’re doing,” Fourth Former Zach Moua said. “The senior leaders are great too; they’ve provided us with rides to matches and practices many times.”

The golf team supports each other and exhibits great integrity. 

“It’s easy to lie in golf, but a Haverford player would never give himself or others an unfair advantage,” Bodle said. “When we played Radnor High School, the players said that we were one of the few teams they have played where everybody is honest about their scores. Haverford golf has a great environment and a great group of kids. Golf is quite an individual sport, but here we treat it as a team sport.”