Letter from the student body president

Luka Sekulic ’23

Haverford has never seen a better start to the school year. We have thrived in the classrooms, hallways, and fields thus far. As you might have noticed, we also have much more freedom during our day-to-day activities at school. The key factor in our freedom is knowing what the criteria is regarding our virtues. We want to expand on this freedom as the year progresses. So as you’re walking down the halls or in the classroom ask yourself, am I in dress code? Are the words I’m using harmful? Am I organized? Am I pushing myself beyond what is expected of me? By staying dedicated we can continue this train of positive energy going throughout the entire year. 

The weekend of September 17th, Fords radiated positive energy. We swept all of our sporting events starting off with water polo. During Friday afternoon the Gents Club cheered on a hard fought game that led into a victory in the pool over Gonzaga; then in the evening, the Fords cheered on the football team that led into a victory over La Salle. The following day, Fords Soccer team annihilated the 7th ranked team in the nation 3-1, and last but not least our cross country team beat GA, SCHA, Devon Prep, and Westtown at The George School invite. We proved a point this weekend not just to the inter-ac but to ourselves that Brotherhood found a new meaning at Haverford.

Continue to better each other and do not be afraid to reach out for help. Everyone at this institution is here for your own good. We want to create a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Dedicate yourselves to integrity and LIVE THE H.