Letter from the student body president

Summer break: a three-month pause from all the noise, pressure, and stress that school can bring out of us at times. Having this pause, I believe that this is the best time for reflection and development. Go do something that you want to do. 

Set a goal at the start of the summer and make it your mission to achieve it. 

Thomas J. Watson, the former CEO of IBM once suggested, “Double your rate of failure.” Bruce Lee once said, “Don’t fear failure – not failure, but low aim is the crime. In great attempts, it is even glorious to fail.”

 I find it interesting how the people most successful in this world are the ones who handle failure the best. Failure is an innate aspect of the human experience. Bruce Lee and Thomas J. Watson are humans just like the rest of us. What makes them special is their ability to accept failure, learn, and move on. 

This summer do something for yourself. You’ve earned it.

When we return to school this September, hopefully we can all look back on how we spent our summer and be proud of something we did. Being proud does not equate to successfully reaching one’s goal. The pride should come from the fact that we all chased something that was a true desire of ours. The pride should come in the fact that we did something for us and nobody else. 

At this age, in a high school environment, sometimes it can be hard to make decisions solely for yourself. This summer do something for yourself. You’ve earned it. Roll Fords.