Ms. Surdel to complement science, robotics programs

Ms. Alexandra Surdel – Index Staff

From a talented biologist to a new mentor for the school’s world-renowned VEX robotics team, Ms. Alexandra Surdel’s expertise covers many areas. We are lucky to welcome her as a new addition to the science department. Ms. Surdel will teach physics and biology during her first year, and she will also assist coaching to the VEX team.

     Before Haverford, Ms. Surdel attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in economics and minored in psychology. After graduating magna cum laude from Penn, she worked as an assistant buyer at the Lord + Taylor corporate offices in New York, where she leveraged her experience in economics. 

     “While the job had it’s exciting and challenging moments, I did not feel passionate about what I was doing,” Ms. Surdel said.

     She then moved from New York to Philadelphia to receive a masters in education. Ms. Surdel earned qualifications to become a math and science teacher during her masters experience. Her passion for learning is evident from the impressive range of academic fields she has proficiency in, everything from biology to economics. 

     After receiving her degree, she began her teaching career as a math and science teacher at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. She taught there for six years before ultimately making the decision to move to Haverford. 

“Education is as much about content as it is about character.”

Ms. Alexandra Surdel

     “It has always been my belief that education is as much about content as it is about character,” Ms. Surdel said. “Haverford’s mission to prepare boys for life aligned with my philosophy for learning and teaching.” 

     Ms. Surdel is excited to begin her Haverford career. She values hard work and understands the grueling side of education, a sentiment clearly echoed by a favorite quotation, Thomas Edison’s “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”