Weight room revamped

The redesigned weight room – Sebastian Bilash ’20

“I really believe we have the best weight room in the area now,” Strength and Conditioning coach Mr. Matthew Rosko said.

     “The Work Room,” located on the first floor of the field house, is used by all physical education classes, sports teams, and after-school workout groups. A modernization of the weight room was necessary to provide student-athletes with a larger and more advanced space.

     The first steps of the renovation involved tearing down the wall that connected the adjacent office space to the weight room. Removing this wall allowed the weight room extension of an additional five square yards. A new floor also needed where the office space used to be.

     “That was a big disaster in the beginning because they laid the wrong floor, but once we got that fixed, it all looked as good as it could be,” Coach Rosko said.

     Although this may not seem like a lot of extra space, it is a vital extension that allows more racks and people to fit in the room.

     “We went from only being able to do thirty to thirty-five [people] to sixty or sixty-five. Realistically, I could probably get eighty in the weight room and still get a good, organized workout going,” Coach Rosko said.

“I really believe we have the best weight room in the area now.”

Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Rosko

     The extended space also allows Coach Rosko to train entire teams in the winter when the outdoor facilities may not be available due to snow or low temperatures.

     Coach Rosko made sure to order the top-of-the-line equipment from the company Sorinex.

     “They are just doing it better than anybody else right now with their modular racks. They are in a lot of the big schools like Tennessee, Oregon, and Penn State,” Coach Rosko said.

     The maroon and gold customization with the Haverford logo on many of the racks, weights, and plates adds to the style of the equipment. Additional sets of dumbells and racks allow more athletes to work at the same time. Lastly, the three TVs and iPads spread out among the weight room enable coaches to display exercise tutorials so that everyone in the room understands the correct form.

     “It’s the best equipment, it’s the best layout, and I love what got done and what we were able to do,” Coach Rosko said. “There is no excuse not to come to the Work Room.”

Author: Ryan Rodack '22

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