Renaissance man Drew Loughnane

Drew Loughnane and Isaiah Shuchman ’23 in rehearsal, Sunday, November 3, 2019 – Sebastian Bilash ’20

Haverford is full of great athletes, artists, intellectuals, and musicians. The artist of the month, Fifth Former Drew Loughnane, has immersed himself in all four of these aspects. In the theater department’s fall play The Three Musketeers, Loughnane stars as D’Artagnan, the protagonist.

     “While I wouldn’t consider myself a true art person, I have enjoyed being able to broaden what I do in the community from just sports and academics,” Loughnane said.

     “Drew is an extremely prepared and thoughtful actor,” Theater Department Chair Mr. Darren Hengst said. “He has wonderful instincts about human behavior that translates perfectly to the stage.  He sets the bar high with his work ethic.”

    “Besides enjoying the feeling of performing on stage, I like the group of guys and girls that do the shows with me. Many of them are my friends going back to middle and lower school,” Loughnane said. “Putting together a show with them is a great experience for me.”

     “I am looking forward to being able to share with my classmates and friends the hard work that the cast members and I have put in for the last few months,” Loughnane said.

     Loughnane looks to use his senior position to benefit others.

     “Being that upperclassman that underclassmen can look up to is inspiring for me,” Loughnane said. “I remember being in their shoes not long ago, so my experience in being involved in the arts has really come full circle.”

     “I am excited to see what his D’Artagnan will grow into in the coming weeks,” Mr. Hengst said.The Three Musketeers will take place between November 15–17 in Centennial Hall.