Carson De Marco hits season’s end in stride

Carson De Marco strides upfield in the October 15 meeting with EA – Dan Chow ’20

Wearing number 42, Sixth Former Carson De Marco has grown into a crucial part of the soccer team’s defense. De Marco plays outside back, preventing crosses into the box as well as any quick counter-attacks. He also communicates with the rest of the defensive line, keeping them on task and in the game.

      Sixth Form defender M.J. Atkins said, “As a player, he’s probably the most athletic player on the entire team.” 

     The coaches often assign De Marco with keeping quick outside wings under check.

     “Mr. Keefe, Mr. Poolman, and Mr. Ator have tasked the outside backs to contribute offensively since the beginning of the season, such as making overlapping runs with the midfielders and serving crosses into the box for potential scoring opportunities,” De Marco said.

Carson De Marco in a break during a 0-1 loss to Penn Charter, September 24, 2019 – Ethan Pollack ’21

     De Marco poses a threat to the opposing team by occupying roles as a defender and possible playmaker. In a recent game against Penn Charter, De Marco set up a crucial goal for the team. 

     “I made good connections with midfielders Luke Macacione and Papi Harris, which led to me crossing a ball into the box where M.J. Atkins beautifully headed it in,” De Marco said.

     Both Atkins and classmate Brennan McBride describe Carson as a “grinder.” 

“He is a leader showing by example and keeping his head down.”

Brennan McBride ’20

     McBride said, “He is a leader showing by example and keeping his head down.”

     “He’s really dedicated to the team,” assistant coach Mr. Andrew Poolman said.  “His dedication is infectious.”

Carson De Marco ’20 prepares a throw-in in a 6-0 win over Abington Friends, November 1, 2019 – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

     De Marco brings the water down to the field nearly every day, on his own accord. He has brought the water so often that the coaches made a rule to make other players do it.

     Mr. Poolman, McBride, and Atkins describes De Marco as the team’s quiet leader.

     “He’s the first person to pick everyone’s head up and say ‘Next play,’” Atkins said.

Carson De Marco ’20 poses in the library – Aidan Briddell ’23

     After practices, the team often shares its “gratitudes.” Fifth Form team member Curtis Weh shared that he was grateful for a time that Carson had helped him study for a major assignment in Physiology. Ove late-night texts, De Marco made sure Weh knew and understood all of the concepts on the assignment. McBride said that De Marco was up for an hour and a half helping Weh.

     De Marco is also one of the members of the Signet Society, the twelve Sixth Formers who represent the school and student body.

Author: Obaida Elamin '20

Obaida Elamin serves as the newspaper's design editor for the second straight year. He has written for the paper for four years, often in the features, news, and sports sections. He also contributes poetry to the school's literary magazine Pegasus, where he has served as editor-in-chief for the past two years. Pegasus earned a Certificate of Merit, the CSPA's national award for its table of contents design in 2019. Obaida's favorite subject is science. He enjoys reading, playing video games, exercising and taking naps.