The Class of 2020 rounds third base

Sixth Formers with their kindergarten walking partners on the opening day Assembly, September 4, 2019 – photo by communications.

The class of 2020 hopes to leave the school with a legacy of honor, compassion, and determination. Faculty members and administrators have offered the Sixth Form some high praise for their hard work.  A mix of academic and athletic excellence, along with an overwhelming to one of compassion and friendship, has crafted the Sixth Form into a powerful group. 

     “It’s not like that in every place that everyone likes each other,” Student Council President Vincent Scauzzo said. “Everybody has respect for each other in this class—it is incredible.”

     Sixth Former Carson De Marco, thinks dedication is a key to success. In terms of his future endeavours past the classroom, De Marco said, “Haverford has prepared me for life.”

The Haverford student section at home football game against Germantown Academy, October 19, 2019, Ms. B.J. Spencer.

     With a high-performing class comes a high bar of expectations. But with the start of the second semester, the Sixth Form enters the danger zone of “senioritis,” when even the most hard-working and determined students admit they find themselves slacking off.  

     The class of 2020 seems to have surmounted the daunting obstacles of transitioning to the collegiate level. Along with academic success, the Sixth Form also led one of the more successful varsity soccer teams, stamping their legacy by achieving Haverford’s 1000th soccer win. With a dedicated student section and talented lacrosse team, the spring season looks bright. 

Players and coaches celebrate the soccer team’s 1000th win, November 5, 2019 – photo by Andrew Grossman.

     With this powerful mindset along with the faith of Headmaster Dr. Nagl, the future of this school year looks quite bright. 

     “We have had a truly wonderful tone this year, and I think it speaks to what a good bunch of guys they are individually,” Dr. Nagl said. “I think these guys have done a great job of taking care of each other, so I am super hopeful that we are going to play that out until June and break the tape as one of the greatest classes in Haverford school history.” 

Author: Anthony Dignazio '20

Anthony Dignazio '20 is a student in the journalism seminar. He is also interested in poetry, music production and music composition.