Recent thefts unnerve community

The athletic complex locker room – photo by Sebastian Bilash ’20

For many, the locker room is a place to relax and unwind after a hard day at school before practice. Just a year ago, numerous thefts transformed this safe haven into one of mistrust. Last year, it seemed as if every few weeks there was an email notifying the school of someone losing a bookbag or pair of headphones.

    This year is no different; now the thefts have extended to Wilson Hall. Thieves continue to take unattended bags and items of value around the school.

     “I think the issue is that, because it’s a small school, everyone believes they can just leave their stuff around and no one will take it,” Fourth Former Ethan Saddler said. “But as someone who has had his laptop stolen, I realize that, although most people at the school would not steal, the small group that would forces us to store our belongings in a safe place.”

     This may be the new school reality—if belongings are lost or misplaced, the chance of recovering it is slim.

     “I think it’s problematic, but it’s an issue that will resolve itself,” Fourth Former Jake Brewington said.

     Many students seem to agree with this school of thought; no one wants their belongings stolen, but students are still comfortable enough to leave their bags unattended around school or on the floor of the locker room. 

     “I feel as though people primarily steal smaller objects, like AirPods, chargers, and pencil cases, most likely because they are small, easy to take, and misplaced frequently,” Fourth Former Patrick Corcoran said. “Most [thieves] are not willing to go through a bag to take something.”

poll by Austin Zhuang ’22

     In the past few months, headphones, mostly AirPods, charging in classrooms have disappeared, presumably stolen. These bold actions have led many to begin taking precautions against the thieves. Teachers are starting to lock classrooms, and students are more reluctant to leave valuable items unattended. While these small thefts grow, no reports of major thefts like entire bags stolen have surfaced recently. This gives students security in knowing that they can leave their sports equipment unattended in the locker room or Wilson Hall.

     With mistrust beginning to circulate, questions mount as to who could be stealing others’ belongings and why they would decide to steal from the people they see every day. These questions are prompting students to think of solutions.

     “The thefts are a problem that started within the student community and must end in the student community,” Fourth Former Samuel Kohl said. “If we can, as a community, nip it in the bud now, in the future students won’t have the same problems we do.”

     The thefts are slowly but surely rising, but the worry for these thefts does not seem to be growing at the same rate. Until the number increases or the scale of each theft rises, there will continue to be bags left by students every morning in and all around the locker room and Wilson Hall.