Squash preps for national championships

Yeshwin Sankuratri _20 in an 8-1 win over SCHA, January 9, 2020 – photo by Mr. Jim Roese

The boys’ Varsity A squash team is off to an electric start dropping just three total matches in their first five conquests. Currently 5-0, the team looks to continue in form through the rest of the season. The Sixth Form Captains Christian Shah, Graham Joyce, Carter Joyce, and Yeshwin Sankuratri and Coach Mr. Samuel Walters look eagerly towards adding another national championship under their belt.

     The most notable victory thus far came as about forty boisterous boys descended upon the squash court bleachers earlier in January to watch the team face off against Episcopal Academy. In a match destined to have InterAc and mid-Atlantic championship implications, the contest lived up to the hype. In front of a large home crowd, the team put on a show.

     “It’s just a different type of feeling known that your boys got your back,” Sankuratri said. “I don’t think we have ever had that type of crowd for one of our matches at Haverford before.”

Quintin Campbell _21, in an 8-1 win over SCHA, January 9, 2020 – photo by Mr. Jim Roese

     The support helped the Fords take EA by storm with a comfortable 7-2 win. Although Haverford narrowly fell short at the second and third spot, they swept fourth through ninth, showing their depth in the win. The win secured another Inter-Ac Championship for the Varsity A team.

     Now the Fords look towards the National Championships at the end of February and hope to reclaim the title for the first time since 2017.

“We are next. Believe me.”

Yeshwin Sankuratri ’20

     “We’re all focused and want to do something special,” Sankuratri said.

     One thing is certain—the team’s depth will be critical in securing another national championship title. The young roster star players like Second Former Andrew Glaser, playing up on the high school squad, and Fourth Former Grady Herbert, playing at fourth and fifth respectively.

Drew Glaser ’24 in an 8-1 win over SCHA, January 9, 2020 – photo by Mr. Jim Roese

      Adding on to Haverford’s impressive squash season thus far, the middle school Varsity A team recently became back-to-back middle school national champions. A young team with good players soon to join the upper school means the Fords should remain dominant for years to come.

     Nonetheless, the Fords are focused on the task ahead: the 2020 National Championships.

     “We are next,” Sankuratri said. “Believe me.”