Actor of the issue: Pearse Glavin ’20

Pearse Glavin ’20 – photo courtesy of Communications

A jack of all trades, Sixth Former Pearse Glavin has been active as a member of the lacrosse team, a tour guide, and captain of the Notables. But this year, Glavin has stepped into a different kind of spotlight as Billy Bigelow, the lead in this year’s spring musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel.

     Upper School Music Director Mr. Mark Hightower and Theater Department Chair Mr. Darren Hengst agree on Glavin’s skills. 

     “Pearse is a natural leader,” Mr. Hengst said. “He is a vocal leader but also always sets the bar extremely high for others.” 

     “Glavin brings a mature perspective to his roles, both past and present. His embodiment of the character as an actor is enhanced by his superior musical abilities as a vocalist,” Mr. Hightower said.

     In his time at Haverford, Glavin has immersed himself in both the music and theater departments. 

     “Most of my best memories I’ve made in Centennial Hall, whether on the stage with Mr. Hengst or in Mr. Hightower’s room with the Notables,” Pearse said. “The two of them have been mentors for me since eighth grade, and I’ll cherish my relationship with them for the rest of my life.” 

     He especially appreciates the teachers’ efforts to imbue more energy into rehearsal preparations. 

Pearse Glavin ’20 as a member of the cast of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street – photo courtesy of Communications

      “You can truly tell they love what they do, and it’s refreshing for me to see that after a long day of school, or a tough practice,” Glavin said. 

     Glavin is a genuine believer in theater’s benefits. 

     “You learn to think on your feet. You learn to have a confident presence on a stage. You learn to control your emotions and empathize with fictional people, which makes it all the easier to do so in your own relationships,” Glavin said.

      He describes the students who participate in these productions as “an eclectic group of people that make every rehearsal more interesting than the last.” 

     These beliefs were especially apparent in his campaign to galvanize students to audition. 

Pearse Glavin ’20 – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

     “I’m a firm believer that everyone should do at least one show at Haverford before they graduate,” Glavin said. “A week before auditions for Carousel, I FaceTimed nearly half of the class of 2020 and tried to convince students to take part in the musical. I think about a dozen of them decided to do it, and I know they are all enjoying themselves.”

     Mr. Hightower admires Glavin’s devotion to the musical. “Pearse is an excellent leader and by example demonstrates how one should approach a rehearsal in terms of behavior, focus, and dedication,” Mr. Hightower said. “He is always on time and ready to work.”

 “I’ve loved every second of my time in Centennial Hall, and I hope that I’ve inspired students to try and take the stage.”

Pearse Glavin 20

     Mr. Hengst recognizes Pearse’s clear talent. 

     “I want Pearse to be involved in the performing arts in any way possible.  Whether it is performing, producing, directing, sponsoring or promoting, the performing arts as a whole are better with Pearse Glavin involved,” Mr. Hengst said.

   “I’ve loved every second of my time in Centennial Hall,” Glavin said, “and I hope that I’ve inspired students to try and take the stage.”

Carousel opens Friday, March 13th in Centennial Hall.

Author: Nachikethan Srinivasan '21

Nachikethan Srinivasan ‘21 is the current Arts Editor for the Index and a student in the Journalism seminar. He is a believer in the importance of the press and its ability to not just inform, but to enlighten others about topics unknown to others. Srinivasan also serves on the editing staff for the school literary magazine, Pegasus. Outside of writing, he is the current Vice-Chair of the Diversity Alliance, Co-Head of the Pan-Asian Alliance, and member of the Notables.