Letter from the student body President

Vincent Scauzzo ’20

At the time of writing this, I have just returned from a nine-hour rehearsal for this year’s musical, Carousel, in which I am making my theater world debut. I don’t have a very large role–I just play one of the townsfolk who sings and dances with the rest of the fellas–but I must say, I have been having a great time.

It says a lot about our school that a student like me can be a part of all three arts programs at the same time: the play, Glee Club, and Mr. Fox’s painting class. It shows what we as a school value, and how the staff supports our curiosity and endeavors.

I try my best to control what I can and that means prioritizing the things I enjoy, especially when the rest of the world would rather I didn’t. It means going down to the art room during my free periods and running an extra lap on the track at the end of the workout to finish on a nice round mile count.

Right now, it might seem like the bad things in the world are closing in on you, that every ping from your news app signals dread and imminent disaster. I am here to tell you not to worry: have faith in yourself and the people around you, control what you know you can control, and do not stress about what is independent of you. Do this, but do not think for a minute that you are being selfish. Instead, think of this as self care. If you take care of yourself, then you will be happy, and with happiness in yourself comes happiness in others.