Web exclusive: Rock is rolling away

Andrew Tornetta ’20

Music is a major part of life. The modern-day is overwhelmed by the impact of sound. But music today is not the same as it was a couple of decades ago. 

The music of past days has passed away.

The peak of rock and roll was from the 1960s to the early 1980s. A genre of music that beholds some of the greatest bands of all time like Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many more. 

Their unique sense of style and sound will never be forgotten. 

Turn off time for a little while and scroll through the music of past decades.

Yet, in a world that is taken over by technology, rock and roll bands have faded out of existence. The modern-day music world demands a modern sound. Unfortunately, the modern sound leaves no room for the classic sound of rock and roll.

Sure, this is a genre that will live forever. After all, we are able to listen to any song at the click of a button. But the drawback is that we as an audience have lost the true meaning of this music. 

The old style of producing music was always through albums: a concept that has stuck around, but it is vastly different today. Classic rock and roll traditionally told a story throughout the duration of the whole album. This piece of music was left behind modernity. 

Take Pink Floyd for example. If you were to select a random Pink Floyd song, you would most likely have no clue what it is about. Once you listen to the entire Pink Floyd album you begin to understand the message story conveyed through sound.

Illustration – Andrew Tornetta ’20

The problem lies in the demands of today’s media. As a general public, we are more likely to gravitate towards endless “hit singles” rather than complete albums that convey true meaning.

Simplicity and rawness have always drawn the masses into rock and roll. The combination of meaningless lyrics and technologically created sounds in today’s media only delude music and take away the unembellished true expression of sound.

Maybe all good things must come to an end. Or maybe everything goes through the cycles of life and death. Either way, an effort must be made to keep this genre of music alive. 

Turn off time for a little while and scroll through the music of past decades. Not only will you be refreshed to hear a new sound, but you will help take the steps necessary to keep old music around. You might even find yourself a new playlist to jam out to like your parents did in their day.

Hopefully, rock and roll can come back full circle. Hopefully, this is just a down period for rock and roll. Hopefully, rock and roll will come back to life.

Author: Andrew Tornetta '20

Andrew Tornetta '20 is a student in the journalism seminar. He was in Mr. Keefe's Honors English IV class and won a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing competition. He is a student leader of Peer Counseling and has been on both the golf and crew teams for four years.