IC Day photographers explore Philadelphia

photo by Ryan Rodack ’22

As Haverford’s annual Intellectual Curiosity Day evolves, so do the various courses offered to students each year. One of these newest additions was a photography tour of Philadelphia, run by art teacher Ms. Kristin Brown and English teacher Mr. Thomas Stambaugh.

In the morning, students who chose the activity learned about various photography techniques by looking at a few different street photographers and discussing successful aspects of each photograph and how the students could show similar perspectives in their own work later that day.

Once in the city, the group made a few stops at destinations such as Reading Terminal Market, Chinatown, Old City, and Penn’s Landing.

     “I was really surprised for all students who haven’t learned about composition if they’re taking music or theater,” Ms. Brown said. “They all took everything I was talking about to heart before we went out, and then they were also thinking about getting the city in movement and we had lots of really interesting ones from Reading Terminal of people actually at work, working in the market.”

     Although there was not enough time at the end of the day for students to edit their photos, they were able to pick out some of their favorite ones that Ms. Brown was able to hang up by the Upper School’s main office so that all the community members could see the group’s work.

     With talks of broadening IC Day into a longer program next year, Ms. Brown hopes that she once again can offer for more students to go into the city and capture the everyday movements of life.

“I would hope to maybe expand it into multiple days.”

Ms. Kristin Brown

     “I would hope to maybe expand it into multiple days,” Ms. Brown said, “because we weren’t able to have a conversation about what the images looked like beyond just picking ones quickly for me to print.”

Author: Matthew Schwartz '21

Editor-in-Chief Matthew Schwartz has written for The Index for three years. He previously served as Managing Editor and News Editor.