What should you do with your hair?

History Teacher Mr. Long shows off his home-crafted haircut.

It’s April, and the neighborhood prepares itself for this year’s spring cleanup. The buzz of lawnmowers permeate amid an unprecedented season of virus outbreaks. Meanwhile, students found that a new type of “weed” has flourished. Ever since the shutdown of barbershops last month, everyone’s hair returned to its most natural state. 

     “My hair, it is way too long!” Third Former Mark Polonsky said.

     Without the barbers, how can students deal with their hair to keep its clean shape? Is it time for us to become our own barbers?

     “I will admit I thought about getting a buzz cut and having it grow back, but I did not go with that option,” Third Former Colin Kelly said. “Cutting my own hair? I don’t think I ever would.”

     Another option is to seek help from our family members.

     “I would cut my own hair if I had to, but I would rather ask my parents,” Polonsky said. “My dad said that he could do it because he has done it before.”

     Most students are still hesitating. Their hope is to wait until the end of the quarantine and live the next few weeks with hair hanging in front of their eyes.

     “I haven’t seen any people who had a recent haircut yet,” history teacher Mr. Brian Long said. “I know that people are desperate, but somewhat committed to the ‘I’m not gonna cut my hair until the quarantine is over’ line of thinking.”

     Mr. Long is one of the first few to attempt cutting his hair. He and his wife helped each other and did one another’s haircuts. Because hair trimmers are sold out on Amazon, he used a beard trimmer as a substitute.

“Your hair grows back, so just give it a go.”

History teacher Mr. Long

     “I assume that a hair trimmer and a beard trimmer are probably not interchangeable. But in a difficult circumstance when you need your haircut, perhaps it could provide a short-term solution.” Mr. Long said. 

     Mr. Long is known for his appearance, and his homemade hairstyle looked just as sharp on the computer screen.

     Although many people considered cutting their own hair, a common worry is the possibility that their hair could look worse if they messed up. After all, not everyone has skill to perform their own ‘hair surgery.’”

     “We went with the methodology of ‘your hair grows back, so just give it a go.’” Mr. Long said. “And I am absolutely satisfied with my haircut.”

Author: Jingyuan Chen '23

Jingyuan Chen is an 2022-2023 Editor-In-Chief for The Index. A staff writer since 2019, he had previously served as an Academics Editor, Managing Editor, and assumed the role of Editor-In-Chief in May 2022. His news piece “Inside the Middle School construction project” and his opinion piece “What can the U.S. learn from Chinese media censorship?” earned him regional Scholastic Writing Awards.